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The result of a survey made by the Krita foundation over social network reported you were a large majority using my brushkit 8.2. A big thank you about that! So, I was sponsored by the Krita foundation in March to work on the default brush kit for Krita 4.0. My mission was to merge my brushkit 8.2, my Charcoal Pencils and wet brushes into a collection of new presets made with feedback of the community and merge also brushes submitted by Ramon Miranda, Wolthera, Pablo Cazorla, Rad, Scott Petrovic, Razvan and other. I triaged them, painted new thumbnails, took care about sorting them, renaming them, optimizing them and polishing the settings. You can read the Git commit here if you want full details. I am now really happy using them, and happy to share them too! Documentation:
You can read the fully illustrated documentation here:
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Just download Krita 4.0, they are part of it by default. Migration:
I couldn't port all my brushkit to Krita and keeping exactly the same. I merged the one duplicate, and decorated other one to be consistent with the way brushes were sorted. Here is a graph of the evolution and merging. I hope it helps if your work-flow was dependent of a specific setting in my 8.2 brushkit.

Changelog :

  • 22-03-2018: v9.0, Krita 4.0 - Merged as default in Krita. screenshot, article.
  • 08-03-2017: v8.2, Krita 3.1.2 - If it works, don't fix it: 10 brushes added, minor update for 2. screenshot, article.
  • 16-08-2016: v8.1, Krita 3.0.1 - Adding 13 new brushes. screenshot, article.
  • 20-05-2016: v8.0, Krita 3.0.0 - Refactor thumbnails and core 42 brushes. Use smudge-radius brushes. screenshot, article.
  • 02-07-2015: v7.0, Krita 2.9.7 - Pepper&Carrot stable kit: solidifying previous kit after 10 episodes. screenshot, article.
  • 17-04-2015: v6.0, Krita 2.9.0 - Mypaint stylised/colored thumbnails: set for Pepper&Carrot. screenshot, video, article.
  • 15-08-2014: v5.0, Krita 2.8.2 - Grey thumbnails, flow and compacting. screenshot, article.
  • 02-05-2014: v4.0, Krita 2.8.0 - Refactor and strip down for productivity. screenshot, article.
  • 14-08-2013: v3.0, Krita 2.7.0 - Base for many Krita default. Adding a standard for thumbnails. screenshot, article.
  • 26-01-2013: v2.1, Krita 2.6.0 - Post release fix. Add textured brushes for new Krita feature. screenshot, article, tar.gz.
  • 14-01-2013: v2.0, Krita 2.6.0 - Full brushkit refactor with painted thumbnail on crystal black. screenshot, article.
  • 04-06-2012: v1.0, Krita 2.3.0 - First release used on Tears of Steel concept art. screenshot, tar.gz.
  • 09-06-2011: v0.0, Krita 2.3.0 - Initial idea. Started on Krita sprint, Amsterdam. screenshot, article.

Full list of versioned changes here.

License: "Krita 4.0 Brushes" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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