KritaSprint 2011 in Amsterdam

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Updates 2019: This article used to be illustrated by a long video of the Krita sprint. The video was hosted by a member, Bugsbane on a website named Unfortunately, this website shutdown in 2015 and the data disapeared., original link was:

Several weeks ago I was invited to fly to Amsterdam to the Blender Institute by the Krita team ( a 2D digital painting Free/Libre Open Source Software ; FLOSS ) . I met in this place developpers and Artist around this great Krita community. This big week-end event was named 'KritaSprint 2011' and happen each year. The goal of my presence ?
- First , meet most poeple around the team 'in real' after a year of IRC and email discution, and have real discution.
- On a second time ,do a demo session on the saturday with a video projector to talk about my experience painting with Krita (other artist invited did the same ). You can now watch this 40min video online on page or here under with the video player. In this 40min, I focused on showcasing my difficulties with Krita around the vital and overall ergonomie.
So, Just a simple speedpainting of my 'default' face, with a 'grey to color' simple workflow. Very hard to have a interresting end result in 40min , recorded live. Btw, for poeple not used to hear my voice on my silent labelled DVDs , you can have a good idea after hearing this of why it's better to not hear me speaking on my DVDs :)
The result here was called 'RGB girl', because of her unrealistic flashy hair color. speedpaintingtestkritas As you can hear, the ambiance is good, and we like to joke and laught while working. So, this week-end was sweet, and it was also good to be back at the Blender Institute and meet old mates from Sintel crew. Most of the bugs and fix I asked in this video were fixed by the incredibly talentuous team of developpers few hours after the recording. Now in the last Git, you can crop and hit hunter, preset refresh well in the preset editor, shortcuts to grow/shrink brush size work better and faster, you can have a dark/light shortcut , etc...etc... And soon, Krita will come on Windows operating system and have easier installer for last version on Linux distribution. You can also check other artist demo on the Krita blog, and don't miss to help Animtim create Krita's first training DVD or help Krita team with your bug report, artworks, donations. . If you already use Krita and do arts with, please share it with us on the Krita gallery forum. During this week-end I also did this another one speedpainting , nothing fancy but a good way to continue to bug report and test more and more. It's important to makes Krita the best as possible as I really plan to switch to it for my full workflow in a near future.

technical detail : the sound was took from a video camera and the video from the very good py script Recordscreen. PS : Special thanks to Bugsbane for took care of the video editing, and the KDE project for sponsoring the KritaSprint

License: "KritaSprint 2011 in Amsterdam" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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