My name is David Revoy (nickname Deevad) and I'm a French artist living in the south of France near Montauban. I'll have soon 20 years of experience at working remotely as a freelance artist. My skills and expertise include illustration, art-direction, concept-art, storytelling and teaching. In short: I create artworks for comics, books, posters, board-games, video-games and movies. My clients are located all around the world.

I'm working only with Free/Libre and Open-Source Software on a Gnu/Linux system, and that since 2009. Nowadays, I focus most of my energies on my webcomic project Pepper&Carrot. It's a free and open-source webcomic I started in April 2014. In-between the production of new episodes, I still propose my services to teach or do freelance commissions. Contact me if you want to know my availabilities and rates (update: closed until September 2022).


  • CGallery Trophy - 2009 CGallery, for the 2D artwork "Fantasy landscape".
  • CGsociety Award - 2011 for "Alice in Wonderland".
  • 3DWorld Award - 2011 for the short movie Sintel.
  • deviantArt Daily Deviation - 2012, 1st January, for "Ying-yang of world hunger".
  • deviantArt Daily Deviation - 2013 , for my webcomic "L'héritage en couleur".
  • Ballistic pub. Exellence Award - 2013 , Expose 11, portrait of Charles Darwin.



  • Editions Hachette - L'ecole des dragons, Atlantis - Illustrator, book-covers.
  • Editions Gründ - Le club des chevaux magiques, Fedeylins - Illustrator, book-covers.
  • Editions Imaginemos - l'île des Dauphins - Illustrator, book-covers.
  • Alki Nea Publishing - Kea, The third Way - Illustrator, book-cover.


  • Editions Pygmoo - Les Faiseur d'Univers (Philip José Farmer), Lutinfernal - Board game illustrator and art-director.
  • Editions Asyncron - Bobby Sitter, Surenchère - Board game illustrator.
  • Editions Hurrican - SiddiBaba - Board game illustrator.


  • Kipik production - Boy enfant esclave movie - concept-art.
  • Blender Foundation - Sintel, Tears of Steel, Cosmos Landromat, Spring - Art-director on the first,  Concept-artist on the two last.


  • Valve / Blackcat games - Alien Swarm Infested - Character design.
  • Blu-Pix - Chibi-Bomba - Concept-art, Character design.
  • Mindscape / Belle prod. - Troll de Troy, la mort rose - 2D painting asset, matepainting artist.
  • Greensauce Games - Dream of a Geisha 1 and 2 , Joan of Arc - 2D painting asset.
  • Blueflame publishing - Askaryl’s Grimoire , interactive gamebooks - illustration.


  • Bacata / Boogie bug - hardware designer (computer and device for gamers).


  • Framasoft - Illustrations for the Contributopia campaign.


  • Blender Foundation - Chaos&Evolutions and Blend&Paint - two DVDs of training.
  • University Cergy-Pontoise - High school CG teacher (Krita).
  • Haute Ecole Albert Jaquard - High school CG teacher (Photoshop).
  • CGcookie - Video training, concept-art.