License F.A.Q

Q: I sent you an email to know if I can reuse xxxx for my project, did you received it?
A: There is a lot of probability I will not reply and explain you in details all the rules of the license. I received by the past too many emails like that because it is the easiest way to do. Please consider I wrote already all the rules here. Read carefully the Creative Commons page linked on the footer of every article: it contains a summary of all the limitations and what you can do. It is easy to understand. Please reuse, do your best, and send me an email when you are done if you ever want a quick review, I'm open to that. But I'll not teach Creative Commons by emails all the time.

Q: But how do you prefer to be attributed for the CC-By?
A: Read my best practise for attribution article here, it cover a lot of case: books, objects, video-games, movies, crowdfunding, etc... Thank you.

Q: What are the common mistake on reusing your work?
A: This is not a real Frequent Asked Question; I just invented it. But it is a frequent issue so I wanted to add a note here. The main issue I had were mainly with "endorsement" infrigements: It's not because you can reuse my artworks that I agree with what you do, or that I can be considered as an active author of your project, especially if my name is written as a signature of your derivation or if you reuse my name to tell your audience I'm 'on board' with your project. It doesn't work like that. Just keep it simple: communicate the truth, things like "this is my reusage of an artwork by David Revoy" does miracle. I wrote it in the best practise for attribution article.

Q: Why do you use CC-By-Nc-Nd or Copyrighted sometime on your blog? I thought you were pro Free/Libre only?
A: A lot of this artworks were comissioned by various clients for commercial projects with exclusivity before 2014. I setup contract with them at that time allowing myself to reuse the artwork on my website under this conditions. I can't re-release them as CC-By now, but you can still reuse the CC-By-Nc-Nd in a non-commercial context and without doing modifications. That is still a lot of freedom compared to 99% of the artists of the web.

Q: I can't find the license under one of your post...
A: It can happen. If the license is not mentioned consider it simply copyrighted and do not reuse on the short term. If you really need to know, contact me and I'll check  the page and write the license. Thank you.

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