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Last year, Edgar Simo-Serra, Satoshi Iizuka, Hiroshi Ishikawa conducted a research at the Waseda University (a Japanese private research university in Shinjuku, Tokyo) about training a computer to turn pencil sketches into cleaned line-art. The researcher used the hi-resolution scan pencil sketches you can find in the sources of the Pepper&Carrot website (published under Creative Commons Attribution) to conduct tests and show visual results of their experiments. You can find many example illustrations of "before" and "after" in the paper. I was flattered that my artworks were used as examples in this well-made study; Creative Commons licenses FTW! A good reason to share that document with the Pepper&Carrot community!

You can read the full paper as a PDF at this address:

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Nice :)

For further reading, there seems to be a journal version of that paper available from Edgar's website ( There you can also find a link to the project's github.

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well so you'll be in two SIGGRAPH 2018 papers i guess it's the beginning of international science stardom for you :p

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Yes, that's so cool! :D

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data-driven cleaned line-art.
Convolutional Fun!

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