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This resources is outdated and unmaintained : it won't work with recent version of Krita. Check the download category to find the most recent brushes.

zoom on Krita preset docker with brushkit V2.1

[ V2.1 update for adding texture pack for 2.7pre-alpha , V2 published the 14 January 2013 ]
[ This article is an update of the old V1 preset for Krita , published in June, 2012 ]_

I like to take care of my brush preset.
As a proverb in France say ; "Un bon artisan prends soin de ses outils" ( can be roughly translated by "a good worker take care of his tools" ). So, here is the new pack of my presets ( reworked, cleaned links, cleaned dependencies , new icons ! ... what a work ... ) compatible with the upcoming Krita 2.6 and the dev version of course. I also added presets for the Texture option available in Krita 2.7 (dev) and later.

Content of the brushkit

Example based on picture, scrap, sketches,test found on my disk.
I pasted on the top the brush used to give you an idea of the rendering.
My inking, sketching and filling tools

A smudgy preset mixing nicely color with a sort of bristle simulation

My speedpainting tools : dry and textured, layering value in opacity

A mix of preset ; a dulling brush with soft bristles, splatters textures and experimental brush.

Wet techniques : using preset based on the mixbrush engine

Various demo of 'ready-made' pattern : clouds, grass, herbs ... I tend to less and less use this type of brush.

Experimental brush, splatters and airbrus

A sample preview of the smearing/smudging presets : Various textures

Miscellaneous presets : A tubular pen for drawing with geometric shapes, a clone brush tool preset ready to use, and a airbrush in dodge blending mode, for speed highlights and Fx

additional preview for the extra pack of textured brush for 2.7

My preset don't use all 'brush-engines' proposed by Krita, only the one useful for my workflow and own preference.

Download :

V2.1 Core preset :
for Krita 2.6 and later ( may work in 2.5 ... not tested ):
2013-01-14_deevad-kit-Krita_v2.tar.gz 4.3MB
picture preview

+ Additional textured preset ( Green family ) :
for Krita 2.7 and later _ ( a pack of *.kpp files )

Texture pack : 25 PNG for the pattern folder :
already in 2.7pre-alpha , git master

Old V1 preset , less fancy ( but does the job ) for Krita 2.5, 2.4 and 2.3 and later
2012-06-04_deevad-krita_preset-v1a_for-2.5a.tar.gz picture preview

Install :

The tar.gz ( to download ) contain 2 folders :
brush and paintoppreset
you have the same preference folder on Krita ( on Linux : ~/.kde/share/apps/krita )
So, just extract them , to make brush in brush and paintoppreset in paintoppreset as in the picture bellow :

folder view : click to enlarge

Uninstall notes : Brush have deevad_ as filename prefix , you can easily identify them in your folders and erase them manually.

Note for texture pack : unpack the *.kpp inside the archive in the 'paintoppreset' folder of your ~/.kde/share/apps/krita


This brush , icons and presets are released CC-0 / public domain

Images and text in this article are CC-By-Sa
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Brushkit V2 in Krita dev version ( 2.7pre-alpha 14-01-2013 )
(click to enlarge)

License: "Krita brushes V2" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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