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Update: This resources joined the default patterns in Krita 2.9 and above. You probably don't need to install it, just go to the pattern, they should be already installed.

Since few days, there is a lot of activity around the 'textured' brush feature started by Boudewijn Rempt and continued lastly by Dmitry Kazakov (read the bug-tracker topic about it for more infos). The feature , actually in a development branch, is getting fantastic and excellent. The default pattern shipped with Krita also need for a little refresh and love, and that's a part I can handle.

Download :

the texture contain 25 PNG images , licensed as CC-0 , public domain :
Download ( 9,2 MB ) : 2013-01-26_Krita_texture-pack1.tar.gz

Infos :

It was made from resources I drew personally or made with my camera and scanner , or for few other ones built on the top of other CC-0 ressources ; Wikimedia Commons documents and a little of MrMamurk famous Mypaint background, or Ramon Miranda CC-0 textures for GPS and Mypaint. The dynamic screentones are inspired of the one shipped with Gimp-painter 2.6 of Sygetch.

The pack contain 25 pattern , sorted this way :

  • 2 canvas ( thin , and rough )
  • 4 papers ( default, C , torchon )
  • hand drawn pattern ( dot , hatching )
  • textures ( rocks, bark, wood, crackles )
  • 3 dynamic screentones

I followed this specifications :

  • 512x512 max with a lot of details
  • Pixels infos from black to white, normalised with most of 50% mid-grey value
  • Seamless , tilable to infinity of course ( thanks Gimp Resynthesizer plugin )
  • Removed duplicate : my original set contained more than 50. Similar effect or neighbours were removed.
  • *.png compressed, easy to manage on file explorer , with thumbnails and cross compatible.
  • prefix of filename 'deevad_' for organisation, and easy removal if needed.

various sample of stroke effects

License: "Texture pack 1" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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