Krita brushes v6

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update: This pack is outdated and unmaintained : it won't work
_ with recent version of Krita as it was designed. Check recent brushes.

Back to color, large choice of brush, and fun...

There is a french proverb roughly translated by "a good worker take care of his tools".
This is still into this spirit I keep care of my brushkit since years. I also share my ressources another time for free, under public-domain license, to every one ;
thanks to the support of my patrons, especially the one who donate +3$ on Patreons to support
the creation of ressources and tutorial between each episodes.
Thank you again for your support, It really means a lot!

Here is my new and 6th brush kit for Krita :

Demo :

Download link : Mirror download, on Google Drive by Victor in the comments : Source page on Github :

  • Changelog:

    • removed fake flow pressure tweak ; 2.9 has now real flow sensor.
    • added two 'tag' in the bundle, v6 and v6-compact
    • brushes has 'deevad' as a prefix ; for quick search , grouping, and to identify them on disk.
    • removed workaround for smudging with empty pattern ; 2.9 has smudge radius and many fix for color-smudge
    • added pencils I use for Pepper&Carrot digital inking and sketching
    • added more painterly brushes
    • recovered the 'screentone tool' from v3
    • ported a part of my old Mypaint V2 brushes to Krita
      • watercolor brushes
      • flow brushes
      • a kit to detail, rigg lines
      • better blend&paint brushes
    • improved textures
    • experiment ( last row ): impressionism kit
    • experiment for fun: cat, snaaake, bird

      Known issue:

    • sorting of the brushkit icon is not consistent underhood ( filename, name ) and use tweaks to keep Krita arranging them automagically with A~Z sorting method ( renaming and sorting brush presets on Krita is a really not user friendly, it's even user offensive by design :-D )
    • knife with draw angle doesn't behave well, many issue in corners when changing angle
    • 'overlay mode' for color smudge is good but problematic when working 'under other layers' ; I removed the option, smudging happen only on current layer, not all the stack
    • brush presets can be slow on older config. I optimized them to work on my machine ; a icore7 2.4GHZ, Linux Mint, 8GBRam and a Nvidia GTX680. They also are ok on my laptop icore3 2.5GHZ, Antergos Cinnamon, 4GB Ram, Intel HD 4000.

License: "Krita brushes v6" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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