Krita Brushkit v7.0

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Update (june 2016) : this Brushkit is not the last version, find the version 8 here
I keep this article around because this kit is compatible for user of old Krita version ( 2.9 )

For Krita 2.9, tested on Linux. Note: I don't own Windows or MacOsx system.
Brushes removed from previous V6 version can be found on the Bundle folder.
Repository on Github

Download :

Manual install

To install, download the zip pack, decompress, and paste the resulting folders ( 'brushes' / 'paintoppreset' and 'patterns' ,etc... ) into your Krita user preference directory. You can open your preference directory in Krita this way : Setting > Manage Ressources > Open Resource Folder. For Linux users, here is the direct path : /home/<username>/.kde/share/apps/krita

Bundle install

To install, download deevad.bundle file ( in a zip, extract it after download ) , then import it in Krita this way : Setting > Manage Ressources > Import Bundle/Resources.

Operating system specific

Gentoo ebuild proposed and maintained by Bloodywing

License: "Krita Brushkit v7.0" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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