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Project Gooseberry (in progress)

15 april 2014
in categorie : Open Movies
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artwork by David Revoy

video teaser of the project

Project Gooseberry  is the code name for Blender Foundation's 5th Open Movie project,
to produce a feature animation film using Open Source software. Official preproduction
start on Jully 2014, but I could already make visual for it on December 2013.

Here are early artworks, they might not end in the future movie.

Gnome Files thumnailer for ora and kra images

25 november 2013
in categorie : Linux, Software and Hardware
artwork by David Revoy

Files (aka Nautilus ) with the theme 'Numix' and 'Global dark theme' on 'Gnome Tweak'

Long story short : I moved to the Gnome 3.10 desktop environment and I enjoy ( I'll blog post more about soon ). But I found the lack of thumbnail support for 80% of my files in 'Files' frustrating. No  *.ora and *.kra thumbnails ?  ( aka Open Raster , and Krita native file format ). Both multi-layered, both open format, both awesome.

A lot of thumbnailer exist over the Internet for 'Files' ; but most are broken : based on gtk2, or older version of Python, or using old Gconf way under Gnome 2. So, I decided to get hand dirty and write my own.  Surprisingly , it worked and if you look at my code, I promise you a good laugh. But it works. So I share.

Download and Install :
All you need  is here :
Scroll down on the link and start by the README file ; I tried to explain all in it.

Notes :
- Works also for Linux Mint 's Cinnamon Nemo file browser.
- Don't forget in preferences to allow thumbnail preview for files larger than 100MB ; those layered files tend to be large.

Krita Workshop (FR) : Capitole du Libre 2013 , Toulouse

15 november 2013
in categorie : Conferences
artwork by David Revoy

Join me and Timothée Giet ( aka Animtim ) for a French workshop about Krita on the event Capitole du Libre 2013. The workshop will be split in 2 parts , first by Timothée about toon character creation , with line art and flat coloring , and second part with me , introducing easy way to layout toony painted background.

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