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for Tutorials/Brushes/Extras

Before painting:

1. I share my experience about tablets in my Tablet history log.
2. Check if the Calibration of your stylus pressure is adapted.
3. Download additional brush presets for Krita:
    - If you have Krita 4.x, you already have my last brushes.
    - I published a little bonus: a brush preset duo bundle for Krita 4.x.
4. I describe in the first minute of this video my setup with Krita.
5. Also, in this video, I share the first part to speak about my setup.
6. If you want to customise your cursor, this article details all.
7. Look at the selection of book I recommend for training.
8. How your tablet is positionned on your desk? You might want to check this article about the Ergonomic of Graphics tablets.
For more information about the hardware in general, check my article with the hashtag #hardware.

Install latest Krita:

1. On GNU/Linux, the easy way with appimage.
2. On GNU/Linux, compile Krita and follow development with the guide how to compil Krita explained for cats.

Optional extras resources for Krita:

A lot of the resources I create for Krita since 2010 ended merged into Krita source code and that's great! I even was sponsored by the Krita Foundation to do the art direction on Krita 4 generation of the default brush-preset. So, if you installed Krita, you might already have all the brushes and palette I share on my blog. Except maybe the one after 2018:
1. Extra color-theme for the Krita interface.
2. New brush-presets bundles for Krita 4.

A bit of theory:

1. I found 11 fundamental skills about drawing. You can check if you need training in a specific  area, this is a way to improve at drawing.
2. I made small guides about anatomy, composition, color, shading in the long video of Chaos&Evolution.
3. This making of contains also tips about composition.


1. Read the tips I learned while I participated to Inktober 2017.
2. The introduction of the article Clean blue sketch traditional line-art to color it digital with in Krita explains the full "traditional to Krita" workflow.
3. A way to sketch in Krita and finish on paper is explained into this making of episode 11.
4. For advanced scan tutorial under GNU/Linux for getting A3 with only a A4 scanner, check this tutorial about Hugin.
5. This making-of shows the steps I use to draw Pepper with a pencil.

Beginning with Krita:

I published a series of three tutorials detailed and step by step in 2013. The interface on the screenshot might look a bit outdated but the tutorial still works (I hope):
1. Getting started with Krita (1/3)
2. Getting started with Krita (2/3)
3. Getting started with Krita (3/3)
Also, for beginner, watching drawing at real speed with comments might help. I drew during 10h of livestream in 2017 with Krita 4.x and I replied to a lot of questions for beginners during the videos. You'll find many topic: shading, coloring, sketching.

Advanced tutorials:

1. Check the full and long 1h30 video tutorial: a Comic page from A to Z with Krita.
2. See how you can customise your brush with your own shapes and stencils.
3. Here is a video about Line-art with Krita with many tips about line variation and digital sketching.
4. This video (also an article under) describes the useful Blending Modes while painting.


A lot of tips I found were born from practising. You'll find many step by step and making-of commented on the hashtag #making-of.