Drawing timelapse and inking with krita, commented

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Here is a commented accelerated timelapse about a drawing session I did for practising and reviewing my lineart skill. The theme: the four characters of my webcomic Pepper&Carrot, Pepper, Coriander, Shichimi and Saffron. The video focus on the creation of a single character, Saffron. The process for the other characters is similar and so the playback is just accelerated for them. In this video I'm giving tips about drawing in general, about the Stabilizer, about the tool-option as a button on the toolbar, and about line-weight. The timelapse stop when all characters are 'inked'. I'll probably do not colorize this artwork as I did it only to practise drawing. But if you want to colorize it, feel free to download the source file and give it a try.

★ Ink/drawing brushes (for Krita): 2016-02-25_drawing-video-timelapse.bundle

★ Artwork source (*.kra file): 2016-02-25_characters-lineart_by-David-Revoy.zip

Time code on the video:
00:48 Chapter 1: My setup ( Tool option as button on toolbar + Stabilizer setting )
02:00 Chapter 2 : Sketching
05:45 Chapter 3 : Line Art
13:00 End credit with license, infos.

The resulting artwork, click to enlarge