4 witches lineart

Here is a lineart of Pepper, Coriander, Shichimi and Saffron I did for practising and reviewing my lineart skill. I'll probably won't colorize this artwork as I did it only to practise drawing. But if you want to colorize it, feel free to download the source file and give it a try. I published a video timelapse about it on the tutorial category of my other blog, www.davidrevoy.com.

★ The video timelapse commented ★ Artwork hi-res (.jpg file): 2016-02-25_characters-lineart_by-David-Revoy.jpg ★ Artwork source (.kra file): 2016-02-25_characters-lineart_by-David-Revoy.zip

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link CorrectsYourEnglish   - Reply

"I'll probably do not"

You mean "I probably won't"

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

Love these profiles. If only I had a use for them... ;)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@CorrectsYourEnglish : Thank you for the correction, as you probably know, english is not my main langage :) But why taking the nickname 'CorrectsYourEnglish' ?

@Craig Maloney : Hey Craig :) thanks!

link northierthanthou   - Reply

I love the way you do hats.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@northierthanthou : Thank you!

link cristy jones   - Reply

But your witches are appear to me as an angel i like this line art.

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