Custom Brushes (Stencil/Stamps) with Krita

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Here is a video tutorial about the creation of brushes (stamps/stencils) in Krita. I often create brushes 'on the fly' when I have to paint something repetitive (small rocks, bubbles, leaves, herbs, etc... ). It's easy and quick to create this type of brushes with the right method. With this video, I hope I'll share this knowledge.

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link Aixlen   - Reply

Thank you so much for this, David, you are my favourite artist in the world!! So simple, so helpful.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Aixlen : Awww ... ( :me blush: ) Thank you!

link bjbunn   - Reply

Does the final version of this painting have flowers on the ground? I would love to see how the final finished version looked with the all the stamps you used.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@bjbunn : The final version is the first panel of episode 7 on my webcomic Pepper&Carrot : … 7-the-wish ; I used a lot of stamp brush for this panel , if you click the HD button ( next to the langs ) and wait a bit, you'll see the high resolution. The little flowers were for the video demo only.

link bjbunn   - Reply

Thank you!

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Thank you for the tips! I will explore it when I can :) I still got lots to learn.

link Franck B   - Reply

Bonjour David, toujours du bon travail !
une question : Quelle est ta position / ton usage de la nouvelle version de "mypaint" ? Tu ne l'intégrais plus dans ton workflow ?

link Artful Butterfly   - Reply

This was so helpful! Thank you !

link Salim Ahmed   - Reply

Some days ago i follow your post. I think you are a creative artist. I appreciate your work. Thanks

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you!

@Franck B : Hello :) Je n'utilise plus Mypaint depuis environ 2 ans. Krita à bien grandi et les options proposées me conviennent pour en faire une solution de peinture complète et pro. C'est loin du bricolage Gimp-painter 2.6 + Mypaint 0.7 que j'utilisais sur Sintel :-) Je reste toujours très informé de l'évolution de Mypaint ( comme pour Gimp ) et je suis content que l'outil existe et continue d'être maintenu.

link Trideka   - Reply

Great tutorial David!

Would absolutely love more brush tutorials from you in the future. I kind of feel like an idiot when it comes to brush design.

link Talrascha   - Reply

Bonjour, et merci pour ce tuto, je debute sur Krita (et en dessin/peinture tt court), et je dois dire que ce sont tes videos qui m'ont décidé pour ce logiciel plutot qu'un autre et je ne regrette rien pr le moment :-)
J'adore ce systeme de brushes, par contre je vais essayer de m'en mefier en tant que debutant on a trop tendance a se laisser aller ds les fonctionnalités attirantes :p

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Trideka : Thanks!

@Talrascha : Merci pour le retour, et très sage de s'éloigner de tout les bouttons :)

link ituos   - Reply

I use Photoshop to create graphics and your guide about brushes has helped me a lot

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@iTube For iOS : nice to know :) thanks!

link kids writing paper   - Reply

These excellent object lessons are suitable not only for the beginners but also for the professionals. I think that here we can learn many new ways of brush possession.

link Chaitanya   - Reply

This is one of the finest blogs that I have seen, David. And you are extremely talented in painting. Cheers!

link Kendra Brand   - Reply

David, I just found your website while looking for a solution to this. Thank you SO much. Your video was very informative and easy to follow along with. This will be my first stop next time I have something to learn.

link dariotw   - Reply

great stuff - many thanks - merci - dziekuje ;)

link Obat Hammer   - Reply

This is one of the finest blogs that I have seen, David. And you are extremely talented in painting. Cheers!

link AnFer   - Reply

I just realized Deevad was David :') I've know your brushes and name for like 1 month I think xD Shame on me :')
Whatever really great tutorial and thank you for helping us out with krita and creation =3
Et surtout +1 pour l'accent français ;) il faut montrer notre beau pays! xD

link Anastasia Bolinder   - Reply

Can I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have used digital programs for years but have not found such great tutorials that help me actually learnt he ins and outs of such a great art program.

Just a million thank you's for doing this, I feel so happy that I can now make my own brushes to do my art!

Keep up the incredible work!

link Meagan   - Reply

Can you create a brush in krita from an image off the internet? Because I know you can in photoshop but I haven't been able to find out how on krita.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi, sure you can; just follow this tutorial after importing the picture from Internet in Krita.

link Meagan   - Reply

Okay thank you!

link lolia   - Reply

Thank you so much David!

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