Full and long video tutorial: a Comic page from A to Z with Krita

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Full video 1h46min, or watch it directly on Youtube .


- A zip pack with everything linked in this video is available here
- Deevad Brushkit version 8.1 bundle for Krita
- Comic page template Krita file (updated 2022, for Krita 5).
- Perspective star grid PNG image file.
- Speechbubble library and template SVG Inkscape file.
- Lavi Font TTF Font file Jump to chapter: 0:00:06 Introduction
0:01:00 Chapter 1: Interface of Krita
0:01:53 Chapter 2: Preproduction
0:13:51 Chapter 3: Drawing
0:34:37 Chapter 4: Inking
1:00:03 Chapter 5: Adding text with Inkscape
1:17:06 Chapter 6: Color sketch
1:27:34 Chapter 7: Colored Lineart
1:32:59 Chapter 8: Detailing
1:36:51 Chapter 9: Post-production
1:44:32 Epilogue

Why a free tutorial of this length?

I'm sponsored by a community of patron on Patreon to produce new Pepper&Carrot episode. A lot of them gives between 1$, 3$ to 5$ per webcomic published (I publish maximum one episode every 2 monthes, something between eight or six episodes per years). Between episodes I often jump into the creation of free bonus for the community. It can be a Youtube tutorials, articles, brushkit, making-of, etc... My patron encourage me to publish the result online for everyone, because we don't like the concept of paywall (subscription with payment to get access to a content). For sure, selling this as a DvD or using gumroad or another way to make you pay with a trailer and more could have been a lot more efficient to receive money. But that's not my philosophy. So, if you consider my system more fair, encourage it! Become my patron today on Patreon. All money received will be carefully invested to grow my art and my involvement into the production of more free content and bonus.

Note: Full license info and details at the end of the video