Relaxing atmosphere

Thank you very much for all the positive feedback and comments since I posted the photos of the printed books on last friday.

I feel way more relax since I have the books ready. So, while doing progress on the public release of the books, I continued to work on the concept art necessary for episode 34 where Pepper will wear the same clothes as Shichimi at the temple of Ah. I will not tell why to not spoil the story, but prepare to see this type of designs and ambiance on the next blog-post of the production report incoming in October. The next step: draw the eleven pages, letter them and then submit it for proofreading. It might take time as I'm also attracted to join #drawtober (and also take time to study daily anatomy). Days are definitely too short!

About the book, I'm doing progress: a friend in U.S. will receive (hopefully soon) the four books. The goal of this mission is to check the U.S. factory of my printer. The one I tested so far was the U.K. factory (the shop redirects print-jobs to the nearest factory of the final address). Better to be sure that the quality of the two locations for printing and shipping are similar before a worldwide launch...

I already plugged a better Store/eShop page to my blog (the code runs on my computer, not uploaded yet, it will be done at release). So I started this week with 10 hours a day of HTML, PHP and CSS... A necessary evil to keep and maintain a 100% indie blog and website. I also took advantage of having to do that to refresh the design of the blog and fix bugs I found over the last 6 months. You'll see that at the release of the book.

I'm also in the process of recording videos to showcase each books on their product page. But it's not easy to do and I dislike my first attempts. So I'll have to do DIY to build a better camera rigg and light setup.

That's all :) Or almost, because I'm also working secretly since end August on a project that will have a release in October. October is busy! But still, it has a relaxing atmosphere. I hope you'll like this concept-art illustration.

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link Anonymouse   - Reply

Looks like Pepper took a break at the temple of Ah. I like the robe and the hairpin. Very elegant.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply


link Gus   - Reply

Such a peacefull atmosphere.
I can't figure out how you can master in so many different areas... that's encouraging... and frightening in the sense that your art model implies going very deep into the technic in so many areas... like programation.
The dress seems a little bit different than Shishimi's previous one to me, less japanese. May be the missing splits over the white clothes underneath?
So glad to see that Shishimi didn't really have horns as I thought 😅.
Great work again! Always waiting to see more.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you !
True, this artwork was born a bit too close of the redesign I made of Shichimi; that's why I couldn't really backport the new kimono.
I'll keep thinking about it when I'll draw the episodes. Thank you for your kind words!

link Mwei   - Reply

I hope you don't implement the whole backend of the cms on your own because I think this is really not necessary in 2020 anymore^^ but i understand to make everything on own is a kind of satisfying.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Mwei! Now you can see what I did on the shop :)
I still keep pluXML, so I have the CMS for the blog and comment system.
The shop is just a statique page; but I wanted a mini database for the products and community products.
I made a mini JSON reader, so it is easy to plug or unplug a product.
That's probably a one afternoon project for a confirmed webdev; but for me it took days to get something I was confident with. :)

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