Shichimi: 2020 Model sheet

While painting on the future episode 34, I felt the design of Shichimi's clothes had −to say it gently− "a lot of room for improvement" ;-) If you don't remember it, she was dressed so far with a sort of a kimono that was looking like a bathrobe with pink roses pattern on it. I'll not blame myself for this design; so many things were happening when Shichimi appeared for the first time on the potion challenge episode (5 years ago): the new website, the translation system and a epic nine pages long episode... I had not a lot of time to study more clothes variations for the new secondary characters.

I still have no time; but while I'm waiting to receive the printed proof of the 4 books in hardcover and softcover (it should happen somewhere during the next days now, the printer shipped them), I'm feeling a big pressure. I feel I'll have deep difficulties to recover if I receive another fail at print... So, being conscious about it and to deal with this omnipresent fear, I keep myself busy. I'm doing way more freelance works than usual (because July/August were invested into the book-publishing project full time) and I prepare the next production of the episode.

So, long story short; Shichimi is a character that really deserved a lot more care since years for her design; and the more I write on my global story arc, the more she is important. I tried to keep what I liked on her design and I iterated over that until I was happy with it. I hope you'll like it. She now has a variation colors and material: dark leather, almost pure poppy-red kimono and a layer of white clothes under it. I also added a tiny bag she wear on her back and she can just rotate around herself to pick herbs, ingredients, mini potion or a wand quickly. That will probably solve the missing pockets on the design if Shichimi needs to keep a key or any object during a quest. It has no purpose for the next story, but this type of detail might be useful in the future.

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link zeograd   - Reply

I love her and with this design of her, I think I love her a bit more :)
Thank you for caring of her too.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for naming your Peertube instance after her ;-)
It's easy to find with :

link Martin   - Reply

Sorry to hear about the anxiety the printing project is causing you. I can imagine how taxing that must be. Just remember that there is no deadline that you have to work yourself to the bone for. While I'm sure many people are looking forward to getting their books as much as I am, we're happy to wait as long as it takes for it to turn out just right. It'll be worth it.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for your nice words, @Martin. I took time yesterday to think about it (thanks a friendly PM and the comments/emails I received like yours) and I shifted my perspective about it. If the result is not good; it will be just like when a software build crash at startup. No drama; it is not a personal failure but only a technical issue. I'll just have to take the issue in consideration, inspect again, test again until I find a stable way. Sure, it takes 10x longer than what I planned at first (November 2019 was my initial release date, lol), but it's part of the project, constrains and limitation as it is. I should receive the pack today (a single pack, only the four hardcover, or the four softcover). I'll try to share a quick post about how it turned :-)

link Martin   - Reply

She looks a lot like a Japanese person would... That was my first thought when I saw her design.

She's looking good too!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you :)

link Martin H   - Reply

Another question - Are those "horns" on the back of her head actual horns sticking through or just hair adornments..?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, you'll find the answer to this question in the book "The Art of Pepper&Carrot" on the four pages about Shichimi ;-)
(you can find the ebook PDF for free on a recent blog post).

link Gus   - Reply

Nice David. Could you someday, redo the whole comic page workflow? That would be great! Why not a page of the new episdode ;-) even if you publish it after the official release of the episode.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Gus,
It's technically really complex because mainly of my computer; the resolution of the files I'm working with for new page of Pepper&Carrot prevents me to screen-record at the same time. I loose FPS, and the cursor starts to lag. It's hard to paint smooth line this way. So, maybe prior to redo this type of mega-tutorial; I'll probably need to buy a better computer; mine is still a Dell Vostro from 2011, with a i7870CPU and upgrade of Ram and Nvidia CG card. To get you an idea of how old it is; I now need to unplug 4 USB to be able to boot, and I don't have any USB 3.0 port :D (the power source capacitors start to bulge probably, so removing USB at boot lower the voltage required). I really hope the book will sell well so I have extra budget to replace that one with another Dell or a Tuxedo, System76 or KDE slimbook.

link Gus   - Reply

Ok. I hope so also for you... and for us ;-) Anyway, you already gave so many inspiring tutorials and advices. Thanks a lot.

link Châu   - Reply

Very nice design. White clothes under is for protect outer clothes from sweat but I not know what kind cloth. Outer clothes make from silk and can't wash it in medieval time (water destroy silk) but can wash under clothes.

This TV series have more clothes design:
Episode is near end of series but have many characters and can see their clothes quick.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for the reference Châu!
Unfortunately, your video link can't be display on my region for copyright.
But I found other samples thanks to a research with the title. I rarely think of looking at Youtube, but reference in motion are so cool!

link Marion   - Reply

I'm a new fan (I support you since last week) and I saw that you are french. If so, could we comment in french ? Because I'm not so good in English (but I'm studying....) and I could saw more things in french !
P-S : If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry in advance.....
And I just love this drawing, Sashimi is so cute !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci Marion!
Pas de soucis pour les commentaires en français ;)
A bientôt

link Marion   - Reply

Merci !
Je voulais donc dire (mais j'étais bloquée la barrière de la langue) que je trouve le travail de Sashimi incroyable ! C'est magnifique. La brosse que tu as utilisée donne un rendu très doux qui va bien avec le personnage. Et j'aime beaucoup son accessoire de cheveux !
J'aimerais bien que l'on consacre plus de place pour elle dans la série. Et son renard à deux queues est super cute ! (T'es tu inspiré de Naruto et du renard à neuf queues pour le réaliser ?)
Au revoir

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Désolé pour la réponse tardive, je lag en ce moment :-D
Merci pour Shichimi! Je suis justement en train de voir comment je peux avoir ce type de rendu de façon plus cohérent sur la BD; c'est pas évident car c'est en gros et pour résumé c'est un effet que j'obtiens quand je barbouille un peu les traits. Ca arrive systématiquement quand je recherche une forme/ un volume mais je n'arrive pas obtenir le même effet si j'ai déjà une idée très clair des volumes et formes. Mais j'ai des pistes de travail. (c'est ce qui me prends du temps sur l'épisode 34).
Alors pour Yuzu, son petit renard de compagnie; celui ci est en fait au début plus inspiré par Tails, l'ami de Sonic. Mais les renards à plusieurs queues sont des créatures classiques de mythologies qu'on retrouve en Asie donc ça m'étonne pas que Naruto à ça aussi. (j'ai jamais lu/vue tout Naruto; que le Manga n°1 , je devrait peut-être me regarder l'integral un de ces quatres.).

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