Book project update: final printed proof and photos

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I received one hour ago all the printed proof from the printer and the result is perfect! I'm really happy with it about everything: the high quality print of the covers, the paper inside (thickness and satin), the brilliance of the colors and the sharpness of the details. I'm really really happy right now. So, between two rainy clouds, I went outside and took quickly photos to show you the books under sunlight. I hope the photos (no color correction, from my phone) that you'll find at the end of this post will get you an overall idea about what I'm talking. You can click on them to enlarge.

Is it ready to buy? Unfortunately not now. I now need to setup all the online things to sell the book; a Eshop page, a video to tell all the adventure, a page to share all my workaround, etc...etc... Still a lot of work, but something that is coming soon; mid or end October. I'll probably post a lot when it will be ready, so if you follow; you'll notice. (thank you for your patience).

Oh, and a quick note: by "perfect", understand here this is a word I use after all the trouble I met since years of tests and frustrations. You can't imagine how many time I received really bad printed proof on this project. The quality is not an absolute perfection or superior to the other comic printed you'll find on stores. It just matches this type of "retail quality" perfectly and this is a big achievement to me. That's why I qualify this printed proof batch as "perfect". I'm proud of them.

Photo gallery:

Overview of the four hardcover books.

Detail of the thickness and design of the side (hardcover).

Close-up on the hardcover thickness.

Comparison of thickness: softcover VS hardcover.

Inside the artbook and book 3 (random pages).

Showing black pages or with a sketchbook texture, with perfect trimming.

Inside book 1.

Back-covers design of the hardcover.

License: "Book project update: final printed proof and photos" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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