link Châu   - Reply

Cool design. I try find some example of Thai temple have some similar design. May be give you more idea (copy & paste temple name and search use favorite sarch engine):
• วัดร่องขุ่น
• วัดท่าชุงอุทัยธานี
• วัดพิพัฒน์มงคล

For brick layer under temple (look for video or picture show brick under structure), this is old Thai captial:
• อยุธยา

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, thank you! Yes, I already have them on photos inside my big folder for references on this project. But thanks to your list, I could grab a few more here and there very interesting.
I wanted this design to be at midway of mid-oriental massive temples, oriental pagodas and cathedral. All of that with shapes of bones; thousands bones of dragons and built on top of a spring of water making waterfall everywhere around it. I made many test/sketches before getting this one, it was one big challenge.

link Châu   - Reply

Dragon bones, very awesome idea, like it! Bones from dead dragon, from old dragon or sick dragon donate their bones after they die?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I guess very old dragons; fossils of them are used as stone.

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

Well, the dragons aren't currently using them anymore. ;)

link Mona   - Reply

This looks nice! It reminds me of a Japanese temple.

link EmDotRand   - Reply

Awesome work. Are you doing a Temple of Ooo in the future?

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