Sintel 10th Anniversary

Early this morning I read a post from Colin Levy on Twitter informing the open movie Sintel had its 10th anniversary today. Ten years... This project really influenced so many components of my life (especially about the software and licenses I use now). I also met a lot of great people on it and my artworks started to get a lot of visibility at that time. So, I took my stylus, opened Krita 4.4beta2 and started a quick painting to meditate about it. I hope you'll like it! Thank you again Sintel team and happy anniversary!

Watch here the open movie Sintel on Peertube.

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link Paul d'Aoust   - Reply

Wow, ten years? That's crazy; ten years ago I was bumming around New Zealand in a van, trying to download Sintel via BitTorrent on crappy campground WiFi. Bet you feel proud to have participated in such an important project for promoting good quality open source.

link Yosko   - Reply

Yeah, seeing that movie also had a great impact on the way I look at open creations. Especially the realisation that the concept of open-source could also be applied to any kind of content, and especially to art (which should be obvious, but wasn't for me until that point).
Happy anniversary Sintel.

link Pip   - Reply

Haha this is a quick painting?? How long did it take? It's awesome!

link Daniel Berke   - Reply

Wow, I remember watching that back then, back in the heady first few years I was discovering open source software and realizing that with enough practice I could do things on my home computer that until then had seemed like the purview of experts on supercomputer setups. :)

link Jiri   - Reply

Sintel is an amazing movie and the only Blender Foundation movie that I really love start to finish. You worked as art director on it?! Wow, I had no idea. Just saw your artwork for this movie and it's amazing. Great job. Thank you so much!

link Ret Samys   - Reply

Well, that's it, I'm officially old.

link Linebyline   - Reply

Oh. Oh, no. I can't handle this. I'm still recovering from the last time I watched this five or eight years ago. ;)

Something I noticed about the early Pixar movies is that you can see them working through new technical challenges. Toy Story was just doing feature-length computer-generated animation in the first place, but Bug's Life was them learning to do lifelike plants, Monsters Inc. was fur, Nemo was water and lifelike animals, and Incredibles was what became their standard for cartoon humans.

I'm less familiar with the Open Movie project, but you can see a similar pattern there. Big Buck Bunny was meant to put Blender's fur simulation through its paces, for instance, and Sintel was a test to see how much open-source software can be used to make people cry.

link Châu   - Reply

I sponsor this movie because open content (and put my name in credits), help develop Blender. Later Blender Institute send me DVD version. I still have this movie and put it in safe place. I wish Blender still do sponsor, put name in credit and send DVD.

link Metallicow   - Reply

I remember watching that when it first came out. It was the first blender film that made me realize that they was really actually being serious about their project. It also reminds me of the ancient UI I was using blender 2.49b before all the gui rewrites started happening. lol
These are my favorite 3 ( far) for the varying artistic styles.
Tears of Steel (2012)
Sintel (2010)
Caminandes 3: Llamigos (2016)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you!

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