Episode 38 Production report 2: Proofreading and Release schedule

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Here is a second production report to announce an important milestone on the production of episode 38: yesterday, I posted on our collaborative tool a work in progress version for the Pepper&Carrot proofreaders and contributors. I quoted them all in a new thread, but our tool sometimes doesn't transmit well the notification or emails. So, this blog post is also a notification for them.


The episode is still not detailed (all panels are "blocky speedpaintings") and the speech bubbles are in French and not corrected. An English translation done automatically with DeepL is available as a txt. If you are not affraid of spoilers; you can access the proofreading forum here and read it (link also available via the Pepper&Carrot website, Contribute menu, and then Beta-Reading forum). The episode is posted on a area of the website named XYZ; it's our secret area. Please do not reshare it, it's not ready 🤫

If you want to contribute, or just give a feedback, please get a Framagit account and interact on the thread dedicated to the episode. It will be easier for me to re-read every feedbacks about the episode later when it is formated into a single thread only.

About the Release Schedule

We are now at a step called the Alpha-FR version and we are on the road to get a Beta-Ready-for-Translation within the next weeks. I'm planning for a release somewhere in April now, and obviously after the signing in Mons(Belgium) this week-end.

Taking care of the release process, making the SVGs, versioning all in Git takes time, and I'll also need at least a full day of painting per pages to details them as I want. So a lot of work is still ahead. But now the episode as a soul, a story, and is on the rail to get a release so it's a big milestone.

If you want a global view on the release process as I see it, here is a graph I just made:

Making of

Here is four steps I used to paint this episode on a sample scene. I still have to do the last step, "detailing" but now I have all the episode shaded. It's taking shape.

I'll try to make a third report next week to share the first "full rendering" of panels I already shared here and on the previous production report.