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April Fool! Thank you for all your feedback, that was funny! Of course, nothing in this article is serious, a big thanks again to Craig Maloney for the very creative text!

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are pleased to announce a joint partnership to develop the Pepper&Carrot Cinematic Universe. The two companies announced this unprecedented partnership over a gala dinner celebrating this historic event.

"It's truly remarkable" said David Zaslav, President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. "Disney+ and Warner have traditionally been competitors in the media field. By combining our forces together we're looking to synergize our unique talents in developing the Pepper&Carrot Cinematic Universe and bring these characters to new audiences worldwide."

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney concurred. "I've been in this business a long time and seeing what lies ahead for this partnership and combining of talent is truly a moment that will be lauded as a turning point not only in streaming media but also in media itself."

Both companies announced a joint plan to develop 25 new shows based on the webcomic "Pepper&Carrot". Pepper and her cat Carrot live in the world of Hereva. Previously the Morevna project animated several shorts of Pepper&Carrot. Now, with the combined talents of Disney animators and Warner Bros. Discovery's ability to create live-action shows the potential to turn this Creative Commons Licensed webcomic into an entire franchise is exciting to both parties.

"When I heard about the Creative Commons license I was skeptical" said David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery. "But when someone said 'no residuals' I was completely on-board with the concept faster than you could say 'cancel Batgirl'. It was like this was a concept ripe for exploration".

"Properties like Paper and Carrot is the key to new show development" explained Bob Iger of Disney. "You've got memorable characters, great storylines, and the talents of of Dave Revlon making something magical. It's a marriage that Disney, Warner, and the creatives that can bring about real stories about real people, even if they're fictional characters. Darrel has created something magical here. Also, there's a cat in there but I can't remember his name."

The Rat Man of the Market Series, a possibility for 2024, voiced by Chris Pratt.

Not all of the 25 shows were announced at the event, but details of the new shows were discussed at the meeting.

"There's one with Princess Coriander inventions", showrunner Dale Diggby explained, "where the inventions go on various adventures. There's also Rat Man, the shop-keeper in Episode 3: The Secret Ingredients. I'm sure there's a story to tell about how he gets his starfruits."

"We're also working on a series around 'The Sage of the Mountain'. I'm convinced there's a story there, and if there's a Sage of the Mountain there's likely a Mrs. Sage, right?"

Other stories will feature various other characters that were only featured in one episode, including Prince Arcen, The Genius Ants, The Demons of Chaosah, and the giant fish.

The Demons of Chaosah, one of the most anticipated comedy of the P&CCU according data metry from Statistica Inc.

"We contacted Paramount to see if they might be interested", Dale Diggby continued, "but they said they were currently deep in Star Trek focus groups finding any minutiae in those series that they can hang an entire series. Ah well. Their loss."

Creator David Revoy was asked about his opinion of the deal. We attempted to parachute onto his private island just after he gave us the keys to control his blog, social medias and website in exchange of a compensation. He got out of the swimming pool, took off his sun glasses, and said something so rude in French that made our translator have to excuse himself to wash his mouth out with soap. So it sounds like he's completely on board with the project.

"Pepper and Cinnamon is one of my favorite comics of recent years" David Zaslav, President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery said. "The characters are so memorable, including that tall one, and the short one, and that adorable round one. Also, I love that cat but I can't remember his name. Brilliant stuff."

"I mentioned 'no residuals', right?" he concluded.

Expect new shows in the Pepper&Carrot Cinematic Universe sometime late 2023, streaming on Disney+, HBO Max, and the new Framastream+ by Framasoft service.

C. Yenolam
Head of Pepper&Carrot Worldwide Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

License: "HOLLYWOOD, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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