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Man, I wish I was in Belgium to go and see you with my brother. Love your comic, it's a great inspiration for me. And your new brush pack is awesome! I especially like the mechanical pencil and the pencil H sketch. Thank you again for your contributions to Krita and FLOSS, hope you have a wonderful time there!

link Vinay   - Reply

This one is cute. Just like with the birthday party episode, I like it when characters are depicted as the polar opposite of the traditional stereotypes.

As for the technical part (and it may not have your focus for this particular piece which is perfectly fine) but I feel the light and shadows aren't really correct here. And the straight border across the hair of the troll put me off. It took me a while to realize what I was looking at.

That said, I do agree that the light does work for the parts you want to highlight. The way you want parts to be illuminated. And with several (teapot shaped) moons in Hereva, of course there can be several light sources too.

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