Trolls & Légendes 2023

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A photo of David Revoy, photo made from the point of view of a visitor at the start of having the book four of Pepper&Carrot signed at Trolls & Legendes Festival, in Mons Belgium, 2023. It's a top-down photograph in color made from a smartphone of a seated white person around 40 years old smiling and happy, with a short beard and a mix of brown and white hair. He wears a tee shirt with the great Great A'Tuin (Discworld, T.Pratchett), and also wears a glove for drawing (synthetic, black) and starts to doodle into a book open. The book is Pepper&Carrot four by Glénat, with its dark violet colors in the introduction. The table has drawing material on it (Tipp-Ex, Pierre Noire, white markers, and a kneaded eraser), a little box with a tux sticker on it, a glass of water, and the table are covered with fabric in black. A label "David Revoy" is on the front to indicate the booth to the visitor. In the background: the library shop of the Festival with many comic books. Photo CC-By 4.0 Steph Vesch.
A photo of me during while signing at Trolls & Legendes 2023 Festival, in Mons Belgium - Photo CC-By 4.0 Steph Vesch.

I'm back after a weekend of signing sessions at the "Trolls et Légendes" Festival in Belgium. I drew on more than 50 books, met amazing people, and it gave me a lot of energy, motivation, and joy! Thank you for this unforgettable moment. 💜

License: "Trolls & Légendes 2023" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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