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Pepper&Carrot episode 37 production report: an important milestone today. The alpha version (still in French) was posted to proofreaders.

Here is a photo of my setup over last month for drawing and inking all pages. On the table, the XP-Pen 24 Pro Artist display tablet I reviewed last year.

I have a new keyboard, a Dell flat classic one (but Azerty, the French variant) mounted on the display tablet. It's done with the help of a CinTweak. The product doesn't exist yet for XP-Pen tablet, but thanks to the crew at CinTweak in charge of emails, they were able to answer to my emails with mesurement of my device and guided me to find the most compatible CinTweak they had. With a bit of DIY on the top, it fits well. I'll probably update that on my review and include a mini video about it. I also solved one thing I disliked for this tablet: the overlay sheet, I replaced it with a Photodon Mx, and it's a big big improvement. I really like inking and drawing with it now. I'll see what happens for coloring a full episode with this position. I'm curious.

Last time I tested a setup like that, it hasn't lasted too long. It takes time getting outside of the comfort zone :-)

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link Vinay   - Reply

I don't understand all the tech (and magic) I'm seeing here, but I do understand your red phone :).

link Oel044   - Reply

How long until episode 37? And how can you be a proofreader?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, the realistic agenda is mid-June for the release, more details in the thread (the link to it is in the blog post). To become a proofreader, just read the thread and you'll find links to the episode in WIP; you'll need an account on Framagit to interact with the thread. Thanks!

link Oel044   - Reply

Thanks to you!

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