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Honored to be a guest at Geekfaeries, this year!

I'll do signing sessions all the week-end, a talk about my FLOSS tools in the 'Pôle Hacking' room, and a Krita live painting tribute to Terry Pratchett with Pouhiou in the 'Mind Palace' room. I can't wait!

More info:

Artwork sources are here, license: CC-By-Sa 4.0 , a paint-over a photo by X-Javier on Wikimedia Commons.

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License: CC BY SA
David Revoy,, .
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

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link Josue   - Reply

David you are doing it great.

link reset by peer   - Reply

Could you also post the paint-over layer with transparency? By itself, that shouldn't count as a derivative work of the image, I don't think. Then we can edit it onto or similar libre image to our heart's content :P

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh, well found for this source! Ok to do a rebase and make it Ccbysa, i'll share the file on sunday : i'm traveling a bit today and tomorrow.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks again, I uploaded the artwork after an adaptation as a CC-By-Sa; the link is now part of the article, updated. This rebasing for the original photography was genius idea. Also, this evening I browsed Wikimedia for this castle; I should have started by here to download the JPG; so many better choices and licenses.

link Vinay   - Reply

Wow, those shadows are amazing! Just maybe the shadow of the chimney is missing on the edge of the rooftop, but that's minor. I still love this painterly drawing style and glad you still find ways to showcase it.

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