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🌴 Hey! It starts to be a little tradition on the blog that I post the first rendering of the next episode as soon as I get it done (or almost, still WIP). The text in French for Episode 37 are almost near to be frozen now; 'alpha2-fr' was published a few days ago on Framagit. An alpha3-fr version will be necessary and I'll work on it before going to the Geekfaeries on friday.

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link Crimson1   - Reply

Ah...Phoenix Volcano...waiting for episode you do great with this comic for real

link Ciedel   - Reply

Loving the gulls

link Ferdinand   - Reply

Looks very nice, but one thing bothers me...
The ship's rigging is impossible. The top parts of the masts cannot be rigged like this, they get no support because they have nothing to get that support from. They will break when under load...
Rigging from the top of the mast has to go all the way down to the hull and should be behind the mast to take the load when propelling the ship, otherwise the mast will be pulled from the ship by the wind, instead of propelling the ship forward. Like this:
Otherwise, fantastic drawing as always.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for the feedback and the ref! Ha, yes, I'm a total noob at boat, and I just mimic what I imagine. I'll do my best to fix it before the release!

link Ferdinand   - Reply

Totally understandable, the ropeladders going along the mast for the boatsmen to work at the sails and rigging are very distinctive features and very visible, but they are inside the real support structure of the rigging going down from the top of the mast via spreaders pointing backwards and sideways. Those spreaders are also used for crownests as depicted on your drawing although those are mainly featured on warships and not on civilian ships.

link Vinay   - Reply

Weren't trade ships used in combat too? I thought these trade ships were instructed to attack the enemy should they encounter one. As news traveled slow back then, it could happen that someone did attack even though the war was over already. Obviously as magic is involved here, things may go differently. I'm more of an aerospace engineer than a maritime engineer and I was surprised Pepper could hear the dragon chasing her break the sound barrier. But I've learned to live with the magic truth too and it doesn't bother me at all :).

link popinjay   - Reply

It's a well-known fact about dragons that they are absolutely stuffed full of jet fuel XD

link Vinay   - Reply

Who needs jet fuel if you've got dragon rea ;). Either way, I wasn't aiming at the means of propulsion. Just that if you break the sound barrier, you exceed the speed of sound. Hence sound waves can't travel faster than the dragon and warn Pepper.

But again, that's nitpicking. This is a magical world. Does Pepper actually hear sounds the way we do or does she pick up a different kind of signal us mere muggles don't even know about?

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

I think the "BOOM" was more that the dragon had exceeded the sound barrier and had to slow down to do the attack on Pepper. The "BOOM" is the sound waves catching up to the dragon, which happens to be right when Pepper gets awakened.

Only Ah really knows much about the dragons. Most dragons are pretty private. Knowing that dragons can exceed the sound barrier is novel information for Pepper. I'm pretty sure she just assumed she could outrun the dragon.

Sound on Hereva works the same as it does here on Earth. There may be other magical perceptions that she might pick up on, but sound is essentially the same here as it is in Hereva.

link Vinay   - Reply

Ah thanks, I get it now. So the dragon went supersonic and initiated the wave, then slowed down and the wave caught up on Pepper. Yeah I can imagine that could work. It won't be super powerful but enough to alert Pepper. Thanks for clearing that up.

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