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Btw, here is the desk setup I'm testing right now. I'm trying replace the feeling "I'll sit in front a computer all day long...😔" with "I'll sit in front a digital drawing board all day long!😀". Inclination of the tablet and keyboard placement was important. So far, so good! 👍

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link Ken   - Reply

Do you rest your elbows on the drawing board when you type? It'd take big biceps to type for long with arms outstretched!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hehe :)
Yes, I rest my elbow over it, and also I glued felt pads under the keyboard so I can slide it over the drawing board without scratching the display if I need to type longer or do task like development (the type of felt pad sold to put under the feet of furnitures).

link raghukamath   - Reply

Is that the xp pen tablet? Now that you have working with it for some time?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes, the XP-Pen Pro Artist 24 (I put black stickers over the shiny XPPEN silver big branding because I don't like branding on my devices). The tablet is ok (the good large monitor inside it, and the fact the surface doesn't get hot are really big plus on this device) and there is progress on the Digimend driver (recently, more work to identifiy the missing stylus button via xsetwacom without the workaround) and I spend time testing it.

link Andreas   - Reply

Is it not more comfortable to put the xp pen on a Vesa arm and put the keyboard directly under it? Sorry for asking, may it's the angle of the photo but it looks so uncomfortable if you have to bend over to reach the keyboard (?)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

No worry; this position is not the 'keyboard mode' position; just how I reach my keyboard shortcut and how I type name when saving files. When I need to type; I put felt pad under the keyboard and I slide the keyboard over the monitor to get it in front of me. It cover the monitor, but that's ok. If I need more intensive writting/coding; I'll probably use now my laptop as a dedicated type writter.

link Andreas   - Reply

Ahh see. Thanks :D !

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