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I'm enjoying this week-end back from vacation doing DIY on my tablet, desk and stylus. And, in order to test the new setup, I started this drawing (not related to the future episode). I'm curious: what color would you choose for this big sleepy dragon?

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link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

Red is always a favorite, but that's my history with D&D talking. :)

link AK   - Reply

I have zero artistic talent, but I would go for a dark, cold color (dark grayish blue). The reason is that when sleeping/hibernating, the body temperature drops - especially for a fire spitting dragon. I would also consider adding smoke puffs in spelling "Zzzz..." coming out of its nostrils. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all your work in improving open source software.

link Hardyk   - Reply

maybe combination of a dark shade of florescent green and oceanic blue would go well.

link Pip   - Reply

There's a bit of a Smaug vibe going on here, so going in that direction red could work. Personally I'd go for dark purple.

link Ken   - Reply

Maybe a muted red to symbolize that the dragon would get aggressive but currently isn't in that state (yet)

link Châu   - Reply

White but have little purple color. R; G; B: (253; 247; 255). For extra danger, lighting early morning with orange and yellow ground from sunlight come in cave (almost time for dragon wake).

link Black_Fox   - Reply

Yellow with small hints of orange and brown. The texture immediately reminded me of certain Discworld trolls - you can see why on some editions of Men at Arms front cover (some editions only feature the three main characters wihout the troll).

link Chloé   - Reply

Corps du dragon en bleu et les picots en rouge.

link SamWang   - Reply

Pink, obviously, with small green disks. Generaly speaking, when you don't know, ask us :)

link Samnum   - Reply

Is the 'ground' going to be covered with golden coins, or a mix of gold, silver, bronze, grey, etc.? If the former, probably some dark colour. If the latter, then a soft, fresh grass green would be pretty.

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