Sketch vs Final

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The sketch

The final

A recent work for Framasoft. I delivered many more today for them. Expect to see that published by September 😉

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link Jiri Svoboda   - Reply

Now that's not how stone bridges are built. They're doing it all wrong ;-) I think I prefer the sketch. It's so cute.

link Hardyk   - Reply

Just want a few favors from your side :)
1) how to transfer your traditional artwork to krita.
2) Please make a tutorial on background painting.
3) how to get better a concept art.

If possible :|

link Châu   - Reply

I not David but may be I can save some time:
1) I transfer sketch use smart phone camera. Find place have good light. I only need see lines point camera 90° from art surface. Can also picture scanner if have it.
2) Need think about what is background first, house, mountain, space and star, tree, building, furniture, etc. Many video in Youtube for this. Also find photo or real place have what you want in background.
3) Practice, no way cheat this. One idea I use for get good concept art: I draw concept for cartoon story, game level, character design, etc; then forget it. After 1+ day I return and fix it and/or add more. Even if have no good idea, draw something and idea will come later. This also help other work like make plan, music, computer program, create story, etc.

link Ratorix   - Reply

Hey, you have missed one cat on the final, he is on the upper left corner of your skectch :p
I love your sketch, the final is good to but I dont know, I prefer the sketch.

link supplementary angle   - Reply

Looks like David revoy is dead from last 14 days - RIP :|

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I took vacation and I posted on social media about it...

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