License: "Imagination" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link SamWang  

J'adore !

I love it !

link perlcat  

Love it!

link vinay  

I love this one and reminds me of a pre-Pepper comic of yours which I can't find anymore. It started in monochrome with a girl and the more fun stuff she did, the more colorful her world became. Then when people started fighting/swearing the colors disappeared again. I could be wrong as well, it's been a while since I've seen it. But I recall I thought it was beautiful and if you still have it online, it would be cool if you could share the link to that comic. I hope you understand which one I'm referring to and thanks a lot if you're willing to share a link!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you! Good memory, this old comic strip will have 10 years; it is still on the blog, but far, far away in time:

About the inspiration of the moment; a part of me really wants to do more tiny comic strips, colorful and funny, with minimal text and with young Pepper the kid (like this one here).
I'll continue a bit and see if it is not just temporary.

I have to admit I'm impressed by the feedback on social media for this type of format. It makes me think a lot, especially when a episode like episode 36 released last December required me 3,5 month of production at 14h/day (+week-ends, that was crazy), and received hardly half of reactions compare to a comic strip like that.

Thanks for your support and your feedbacks!

link Vulphere  

Four strips of delight!

link Anonymous  

Nice work!

By the way are you using Krita 5? I'm not sure why, but I experienced heavy lags compare to Krita 4.4.7.

The brush becomes much slower (not related to the stabilizer). A more severe problem is the transform tool. In the past even if when I'm deforming a large layer, it can still follow my movements and render instantly without delays. But now since Krita 5.0 (and 5.0.2), for the same thing it takes a few seconds to render a move. Tried compiling them but the problem still exists. I have to stay in older Krita because this is too unacceptable. But am I the only one that experienced this issue?

link Vinay  

Thanks for the link David! I think it is a beautiful and creative execution of what can be done in in comic and with the use (or absence) of color in particular. And of course I love the message too. I now also understand why I can't find it. If you click the "blog" button at the top of the page, you get the option to filter by tag (just below the top). But #webcomic isn't there, even though it is actually one of the tags you are already using (just like under this particular page). One solution would be to just add it to the list of tags to choose from. But even better would be if the "webcomic" button at the top of this particular page doesn't guide us to the mainpage, but instead to all articles in your blog that carry the #webcomic tag. And especially considering you'd like to do more of these shorter comics, it would be great if they can be found more easily. And yes, I absolutely love these shorter comics and I still like to read these earlier episodes (Ep8 still being my favorite). So if they give you energy, by all means go ahead and make them. And I don't mind if you charge something through Patreon for them too. Don't get me wrong though, Ep36 was beautiful and more than compensated for some unfriendly vibes in earlier episodes. So why wouldn't you just take even more time for it, but with a normal work/life balance and just more of these fun little comics in the mean time? And yeah by all means, if you lower the frequency of these long/main episodes and release more of these shorter ones, feel free to charge something through Patreon too to make it doable.

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