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More infos : This graphic novel is a personal project made aside from my daily work as an illustrator. I tried to depict in it a difficult theme but a one which is close to my heart : the way children are affected by a negative ambient at home, and social difficulties they can endure in consequences. I'm always shocked when I meet parents who send unconsciously their violence, pessimism or sadness to their children. This novel is not really a mental answer to it, just a heart reaction.

I learned a lot of things while writing and drawing this one. About myself and about my technics. It was done using only free and open sources software on Linux and I will publish soon the ' making-of ' material. By the way, I'm already working on the next one.

- 2012-05 : making of published on my blog here
- 2013-04 : I received a Daily Deviation on deviantArt for this comic, thanks

links around the theme : ( fr ) http://www.le-nouveau-role-parental.fr/ ( google translate link )

License :
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Source :
http://sta.sh/02beajhpwg0u ( part 1 )
http://sta.sh/026bnsruquyw ( part 2 )
( Hi-res open-raster file, layered, inside a zip archive ) Support :
I'd love to have your support to help me fund and publish more open comics.
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David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link André VAZ   - Reply

SUPER !!! :)

link Mikhail Schalk   - Reply

This is fantastic!

link Ram   - Reply

Génial ! Poétique, attendrissant, ma journée commence vraiment très bien malgré l'absence de soleil ! =D

link Alexandre   - Reply

That's kids' version of Pleasantville, isn't it? :)

link Morten E   - Reply

It´s a sad and beautiful world

link Elo   - Reply

Tout simplement magnifique ! J'aime beaucoup le message véhiculé ! Et je suis toujours aussi admirative du coup de crayon !

link n-pigeon   - Reply

Beautiful novel.
I know a lot about how big impact negative emotions can have on children, but not only on them.

Good thing is that this experience can make them stronger... just like in Your novel.
We usually see children as victims, but they are more wise than we expect. It's because they are not corrupted by arrogance and ignorance, they still want to learn, something that adults THINK they are too old for.

link yuli   - Reply

that nice nice nice!
very good job david
I like :)

link Steven Powers (SMP)   - Reply

Very nice David. Good work.

link Brett W. McCoy   - Reply

I loved this, especially that you told the story entirely visually and without words or dialog. Beautiful and heartwarming story. I want to go hug my wife and son right now to make sure our world is full of happy and warm color!

link deburger   - Reply

veeery nice!!

link Smolli   - Reply

@Brett So true, except that it's my wife and two daughters I'm gonna hug ;)

@David, what can I say....? formidable, émouvant, makes me remember to never forget how children feel - adults, too of course, but they have learned to cope with negativities, at least better than children.

link Mozart Couto   - Reply

Excellent work !!! Most comics should be like this: sensitive and without violence. Congratulations for your excellent blog and the great job with free software!

link RayBlender   - Reply

Very nice work. Not only the images but also the story it tells. I must admit that after seeing the story I had to look again to understand the full meaning of each image.

One little detail: in the image where we see the girl spinning round in her room it looks as if she is wearing shoes. She should be wearing socks as she left her shoes in the hall.

I look forward to see more of your artwork. I wish you lots of success.

link Grant M   - Reply

Wonderfully done & discusses an important theme. Loved it

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@ Everyone : Many thanks for the comments, they made my day ! :)
Note : no one spotted the BBB poster ? :D

@Alexandre : Didn't knew Pleasantville and I'm probably not the last and obviously not the first to have the idea to use B&W and color as a medium to do storytelling. Everything already exist... I even expect a lot already did ; but with the color brush mode of Mypaint and HSY color blending mode of Krita it was too fun to playful to not give it a try.

@RayBlender : Nice spotted for the shoes in this frame. I will correct it.

link Jean-Do   - Reply

Just superb. Speak to my heart and give a big color to my day. Many, many thanks for this feelgood BD

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jean-Do: Thanks!

link sage   - Reply

Beautiful as always.

Was it done with mypaint/gimp, or was it done with a recent Krita version ?

link Ramon Miranda   - Reply

Wow David, this is really emotive. i am even more emotional afected than artistical afected. The script is very good. only i have seen a pair of poses that dont really do the job. when is with the old woman. but dont afect to the story. +5

link Tairony   - Reply

Wow! This is an amazing story! It's really cool and exciting.
I think that as an artist I would like to know how to demonstrate my emotions so well.
Thanks for sharing.

link Todd McCullough   - Reply

Great work David!
Nice imagery.

link JAlberto   - Reply

Fantastic work David! The mood is just perfect.

link Alona   - Reply

Wow, an amazing story and breathtaking work!

link Somnilokr   - Reply

Really great work! Dont need words to tell a beautiful and deep story, I mean... amazing...

link fromlugdunum   - Reply

So touching, thanks for this art.

link Chicao   - Reply

Very touching and inspirational! Keep it up the great work!

link swims   - Reply

J'aime! J'aime le dessin, le scénar (papa depuis deux ans) et j'aime le making of (et on ne parle pas de l'usage des FLOSS qui m'a amené à suivre ce blog depuis deux ans aussi je crois)

link Somebody   - Reply

Great ! Met it one the russian website, http://pikabu.ru/story/detskaya_grust_519358
You can see here russian comments about it. This novel is in the top :D

link David REVOY Author, - Reply


@Somebody : Thanks to show me the repost , cool comments :) good the reposter wrote a link on the comment.

link Anna   - Reply

It's delicious ... So many of these emotions!

link Gabri   - Reply

Nice, I think you could think in a bigger way and try to develop something like the super worm world saga of Daniel Lieske :)

link Itzcuauhtli   - Reply

I love this story. And I cry because is a cruel and daily true of very childrens around the world. And I thinks that it is a great motivation to be better as persons every day, if we want a better world

link Itzcuauhtli   - Reply

I would like to share your novel on the spanish website "comunidadarteviva.com". If you allow me this honor, of course. Your credits will be respected, too.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

all : thx for the nice comment. It make me think I still must fix the shoes when she enter the room. Or maybe let it ; as a sort of weird easter egg :)

@Gabri : I might think about it :) thx

@Itzcuauhtli : Thx, feel free to repost ; as I wrote in the license ; it's ok even without my permission if it's for non commercial, and got a link back and my name. Thx !

link Olivia DB   - Reply

beautiful..and touching.

link Discover Your Treasure   - Reply

Sooooooooooooo expressive
I really learned how to face troubles of life but I'm really not going to hide under bed.

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

This is bloody brilliant! The colors are stupendous, and you sent into a dark cave for a moment. Bloody well done; I'm right now oozing of the details in those drawings, your images have so much appeal!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

[update] : I updated the 'shoes' issue in the scene of the bedroom. Time also to invest a bit of time to export and repost on other community to expose to other new eyes.

link Benjamin Turner   - Reply

I think what I love most about this story is that you have made color a supporting character in the plot of the story. It's almost like color -- all color -- embraces its own motives of hope, imagination, and innocence.

As someone who loves to work on white paper with charcoal, I think that maybe I need to go outside, visit a bakery, lounge in a park by a stream, and play with some crayons! ;)

-- Benjamin

link MARTS   - Reply

Very very nice work David.

Fait chaud au cœur =D

link cherylynn   - Reply

A very well constructed narrative with a heartfelt theme and a cleverly wonderful use of color to great effect. was very moved by this

link Leonardo   - Reply

Beautiful work of art ! =D

link Justin   - Reply

Very good art, and a very true message. Thanks for the thoughtful material.

link kalaysa   - Reply

keep it up :) don't you have an fb page?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@kalaysa : Thanks ! No, I closed it. I'm against Fb privacy policies and try to don't feed the services with a lot of personnal data. I have an account for keeping in personnal touch with few family member and friends only. Btw, I do have a G+ and Twitter account , you can find the link on my contact page or on the website header.

link Mary   - Reply

This is absolutely beautiful and it made me tear up. Any thoughts as to turning it into a picture book? I would totally buy one just to keep around me remind me to be happy. It's very uplifting and sad and that's beautiful. Thank you for sharing your art.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Mary : Thanks Mary ! For the moment, I still need to find a publisher to publish this. I'm working right now on a story with dragons and magical power ; but I would also love to make a longer story with cat. Thanks for the feedback , I'll consider it.

link Bird   - Reply

This is beautifully drawn and very powerful. Very effective!

It conveys so much and so very well... also, the art style is quite charming! Reminscent of Japanese manga and anime of the eighties, as well as American animation of the black and white era.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Bird : hey, thank you for the feedback

link Razorbane   - Reply

That is great mate. I cant wait to see more of your work.

link Michele   - Reply

This is utterly beautiful! LOVE it!!!

link Arnaud Couturier   - Reply

Très très touchant!

link Kat!e   - Reply

This is beautiful. Made me cry.

link Massimo   - Reply

very beautiful piece of art,
keep up this excellent work and themes!

link Waccha   - Reply

I cry a lot of, i'm so sad I HATE THAT type of parents

link Sam   - Reply

Beautiful, thanks :´)

link Hena   - Reply

Hi! I accidently saw this comic stript on the Korean website
and decided to leave a comment!
I'm very happy to appreciate your artworks, especially this comic stript which gave me strong impression. Thank you!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Hena : Oh, my webcomic did travel to Korea ? So cool ! thanks for the comment :-)

link Massimo   - Reply

I came here to give a look to your graphic novel another time and i really have to express how appreciable and moving it really is.
One of the most beautiful, fine and enjoyable piece of artwork my eyes happened to witness in years..
Your works are always charged with emotions that reach us clearly and in their utmost brightness and intensity!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Massimo : Many thanks Massimo !

link Jim   - Reply

this is remarkable work and very touching! thanks for the emotions!

link Johan   - Reply

I don't like it - I love it!
So beautifull how the girl finds strength in her positive experiences - Sad too, but it instills hope :-)
I actually fell a tear when reading it the first time - and that is something.

link Andres   - Reply

Wow, this is so touching! Excellent work, David!

link Ghislain   - Reply


link Helene   - Reply

Excellent job!
Could you extend it to the roll of teachrs and school officials and their influence in our children.
My teen age has encounter a lot of explosive negativity recently at school.

link Rina   - Reply

Una triste realidad que pasan muchos de nuestros niños, donde los padres solo piensan en ellos y no comprenden cuánto daño le hacen al desarrollo emocional de sus hijos.

link Marcinia   - Reply

This is very interesting, You're very skilled. I've joined your feed and I've shared your comic in my social networks!

link Hoodies   - Reply

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on david. Regards

link Supmu   - Reply

Hi, I do think this is an excellent comic. I
stumbledupon it ;) I am going to revisit once again since i have saved as a favorite it.
Patreon and freedom is the greatest way to change,
may you be rich and continue to help/entertain other people.

link RonG   - Reply

Wonderful. "L'heritage en coulor" is very moving. Thank you for your work.

link Sachindev   - Reply

This is really a beautifully illustrated story. I like the simplicity and really appreciate your talent and ability to express the story in such an interesting and unique way. Very inspiring work for everyone.

link Haru   - Reply

Guau, impresionante trabajo! Me encanta tu estilo de dibujo, y los colores que usas (ya ni hablemos del contexto de cada capítulo :D)
Sigue así!

link Fairportfan   - Reply


I'm so happy my granddaughters (seven and nine at the moment) can see the colours in the world around them.

link Vini "Suikin" Lara   - Reply

I let a shiver and a tear to fall by reading this comic..

link Betta   - Reply

Wow, that was beautiful. Great job! I heard about you today on Imgur and have now spent the day reading all your stories, and I've loved them all. It made me feel like I was a kid again

link Anna   - Reply

Thanks for making this one.!

link 9gag   - Reply


link Андрей Баксаляр   - Reply

Это великолепно!

link Bonny   - Reply

Wow...I ran across Pepper and Carrot on pinterest (I just joined on Friday), fell in love with them and followed them home. After catching up on their adventures I kept on checking things out. This story made me cry and then smile. Your artwork and story development are fantastic and the fact that you are so generous in this age of selfishness lifts my heart. Peppers' godmothers remind me of Sir Terry Pratchetts' Discworld witches, my favorites out of all his wonderful characters. It's 2:30 in the morning here in Central Illinois (USA) and after I get some sleep I will be signing on as a patron.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Bonny : Hey :) Thank you for the message and your feedback Bonny! Yes, I'm a fan of the Discworld of Pratchett and for Cayenne, Cumin and Thyme: no doubt my imagination was influenced by Pratchett's witches. I think I still have this mix in my head between Discworld and the world of old japanese video-game role playing game ( as Zelda, Secret of Mana). I also have a big influence from the studio Ghibli and Akira Toriyama; especially is Dr Slump crazy period. This is just all the worlds I love, and when I write or draw, I just want mixup everything in a custom way :-)
For stories like 'Heritage en Couleur' on this page, I wish I could write more of them, but this type of stories are very personal and they happen just at key time in my life. Probably when I unconsciously resolve a knot in my brain. I wish I'll have more of them on my way.
Thank you for your support !

link Jorge david flores ortega   - Reply

Hermosa obra. Felicidades Sr. Revoy.

link Alain Peyrard   - Reply

Le sujet n’était pas facile a illustrer. Le résultat est superbe, du dessin au cadrage et à la mise en couleur tout est parfait, j'adore ton travail. C'est bien pour ensoleiller une journée.

link bto132   - Reply

Gran Trabajo! muy bueno la verdad, y muestra la realidad de algunas o mejor dicho de muchas familias.. Cambiemos Eso! pitando el mundo de colores como los niños!

Saludos cordiales!

link Tooj   - Reply

Une vrai bouffée d'air frais, c'est magic.... made me think like a child, give a real sense of life. :)

link dtorbay   - Reply

También muestra que los árboles, los animales,... nos alegran :)
Muy bonito, éste y tus otros trabajos.

link Dennis   - Reply

Love this! :)

link zandy   - Reply

a slow clap for you! :D

link Irog   - Reply

Your story telling and art are so beautiful! They work so well together. I like the way you use the contrast between grey and colors to show how the kid perceives the world around her. Small elements of the world brings her happiness bit by bit. You've shown how external events affect us when she sees the whole world in colors and finally regains happiness and self-confidence. She then wants to actively enjoy her happiness by drawing it. When her parents appeared, I paused... I knew what was coming. Their conflict was going to shatter all her joy... but she manged to hold on her drawing and preserve her happiness. She is happy to share her good memories with her dolls and looking at her drawing brings her back the joy she felt while drawing. You've sent us such a powerful message as to how to look at our own creations: Always remember the joy of the creation process. Thank you!
Like you, I've tried to tackle a difficult theme using a creative medium. Here it is:

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thank you Irog!

link Irog   - Reply

You're welcome!

I noticed a small inconsistency. When the dog runs towards the girl, she holds her drawing in the left hand. She is afraid and adopt a defensive stance but the drawing is now in her right hand.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Yes :-) This type of details happens. Nowaday on Pepper&Carrot episodes, it's almost impossible as the episode got a "beta" release with many feedback before being published online. But at this time of this comic no. And this problem of objects in right hand , left hand, etc... in my comics tracks me since I'm very young :-)

link michelle hernandez   - Reply

Primero que nada, quiero felicitar a todos los colaboradores por este magnifico trabajo. Acabo de encontrarme con el y la verdad es que en seguida me atrapo.
quisiera saber si puedo tomar esta parte del cómic para realizar un diaporama como trabajo escolar, todo dando una acreditación correcta a los editores, escritores, etc.
De nuevo, muchas felicidades, espero que lleguen muy lejos.

link Tarocco   - Reply

Hi David. I know this comic is really old but I read it a few days ago and it might be my favorite comic ever. Period. I could never explain to you how this comic is almost perfect in every way. I am a child and this is a great representation of my own life as of late. It might not be intended as an answer to negative environments, but it beautifully illustrates the concept of "poisoned wells" (see 24:54 and onwards in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4YZoNxSZNU, "living with abusers" by TheraminTrees) and how it's important to spend time away from things and people who hurt and mentally drain you. This comic tells me I'm not alone, and I think that's one of the most important things a work of art can do. Thank you so much.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, many thank you for your beautiful feedback!

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