The TODO List

Here is a little Pepper & Carrot comic strip inspired by the too many task I decided to handle in this start 2022 "to start fresh". In my long list, I managed to do a lot (DIY/Maintainance/Refactor/Paperwork/Documentation) but not as quickly as I wanted. :-)

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link Robercleiton Santos Silva de J   - Reply

Good work dude. You used Krita, right?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Sure for Krita, but I'll probably stop the hashtag #krita on all my social media: anyone who search on the bio, my Youtube channel or the blog will see it directly. I'll do that because I read modern algorythm on social media prefer the usage of hashtag for events rather than keywords used as category or channel. A test that was... on my todo list xD (maybe temporary).

link Vinay   - Reply

With Pepper being the true master of the chain reaction, we can be sure that even though we don't know what this will lead up to, we do know that it will lead up to something good and we should be glad she smashed that blackboard. We can chill now, all will be good :).

link Josue   - Reply

Bonjour , j'aime ton style d'art.

link Stéphanie   - Reply

I have a feeling of déjà vu ... I guess Pepper and I have a lot in common. Thanks for this funny short comic strip.

link Fabian   - Reply

I like the detail that after two weeks, still none of the (visible) checkboxes are crossed off. :D

link Dmytro Nosal'   - Reply

I'm sure that at the end of year she'll be surprised to find that she had done this list.

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