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One of the big item on my TODO list to start 2022 was to compile all recent episodes of Pepper&Carrot (from episode 30 to 36) into a book 4. It took me time; but I'm now near the end of this big task. If everything is ok with the proof, the book could be available next month, exactly in sync with the French release of book 4 by Glénat publishing.

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link sliver   - Reply

cool! so excited!!!!

link clarc   - Reply


link pierre   - Reply

Pourquoi la version française est éditée chez Glénat alors que la version anglophone est auto-éditée ?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci Pierre! Au début, je ne voulais pas gérer moi même d'édition (oh, sagesse 😅), Pepper&Carrot était fait pour être édité par des tiers dans ma conception. Glénat (mais aussi d'autres) on accroché ce concept. Mais avec le temps qui passe; je me suis rendu compte qu'aucun éditeur U.S./U.K. n'a concrétisé. La license et la non-exclusivité à fait peur (il y a eu plusieurs soumission du dossier P&C en réunion, j'ai eu des discussions et retours). Je me suis donc résolu à le faire moi-même 😺

link TappedOut   - Reply

Is the french version using part of this version's workflow?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi TappedOut,

No, the French version is totally made from scratch at Glénat office in Paris; using probably Adobe Indesign on Apple computers. They use as far as I know the JPG (almost not compressed) in full resolution for print, where the Krita and Inkscape files are merged and rendered with Imagemagick. Or maybe they use the Lossless gfx files (no speechbubble) and the txt-only renders (only speechbubble) , both PNG files, and they overlay both with Indesign. The JPG and PNGs are available on the website as part of the "Sources and License" buttons (eg. ).

Here for the English self-published, the book project has it's own Git repository and the pages are rendered with a bash script: it download all the artwork lossless PNG (without bubble), it download also the SVG inkscape files (speechbubble) and merge them into *.tiff files. With the PDF spec; I have a constrain that I can't use transparency; so I overlay/merge picture before; sometime in Krita. (eg. for the sketchbook bonus pages; ) I then just put the tiff in place on the Scribus document, export to PDF; and then I post-process the PDF with Ghosscript to match the printer PDF specification (almost, it is still impossible to make PDF-X1 100% compatible with FLOSS; but at least they can open the file on the side of the printer and render it consistently accross all the distributed PODs of printing: a constrain I have with the Print-on-demand because there is multiple factories accross the globe that require to print exactly the same result without having the possiblity to do "in-house tweak"). The big benefit of this workflow, is I can switch in the script the lang="en" to any available lang, and, in theory get almost all the book in another language. (in practise, many little text still needs to be translated on the Scribus files and adjusted, idem for the cover).

link Vinay   - Reply

Ah, glad to see Ep36 included in the book. There's been a lot of conflict in the preceding episodes so it is always nice to see the book finish on a positive note. I'm ready to place my order :)!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh yes, and ep36 was a challenge for the dark theme. I had to rewrite my rendering script so it can detect episode 36 and apply special color tweak for it.
Thanks for your encouragements! 😻

link Jiří Svoboda   - Reply

I hope the comic won't become too dark and serious. I liked the humor and the light-hearted tone. It was something even my little kids could enjoy. Not so much lately... Like the later Harry Potter movies that kept on getting darker, forgetting that a large part of the enjoyment was escaping into a colorful fantasy world. I think much of that was still present in the books, but not the movies.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I actually really wish the same (I found a quick happy place recently on the two shorts comic strips themed on the childhood of Pepper&Carrot).
I re-read this book, I'm really happy with it: but I feel also it's time to go back to my fundamentals ;-) I'm doing heavy brainstorming right now to continue Pepper&Carrot the best way. Thanks for your feedback.

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