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Sorry for weird expression of my cat; he was licking his fur and also curious about the box I put on the table...little photobomb expert!

Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet!

XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel. A good (sponsored) opportunity for me to finally test their product (their best product, this is their largest display-pen tablet). So expect to see this review video happening soon. The video review will be on my GNU/Linux system and using Krita. I'll also make a full artwork with it (to be sure I spent enough time on it before emiting an opinion) and I'll publish the video of the timelapse too.

I'm planning to test this model with all the care I usually put testing new hardware on my blog. You'll see detailed report about the driver, the sensitivity of the stylus, the overlay sheet surface, the resolution, the color calibration, the hot spot on the surface, etc...etc... (If you have specific ideas for tests, write them in the comments). I'm the first one interested to see if I can adopt it for my work on Pepper&Carrot: a quadHD (2560 X 1440 pixels) bundled into a 24inch tablet with 90% AdobeRGB colorspace... A good resolution and color space on the paper! and also a monitor with the size big enough to put my comic pages fully visible at print-size. Interesting specs.

I think I'll be able to give a honest feedback about it and turn this sponsoring into useful information for all the digital painter around. If I find bad thing, I'll tell it; if I find good things, I'll tell them too. That was part of the agreement I had with XP-Pen: to have full freedom on this review and that's why I accepted.

(from Wayne's World movie)

In the past, many tablet vendors proposed me reviews but I usually refused because no GNU/Linux driver or support. Not the case this time because XP-Pen does the effort to propose for download a proper list of GNU/Linux drivers for many distros:

Screenshot on their website of GNU/Linux drivers...

It's still not a Free/Libre and Open-Source driver but it's a very good step. I'll also certainly test the tablet with the free/libre Digimend driver.

I'm very curious and excited to try it!

Update: a couple days later, I posted my review of the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet here.

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link Ratorix  

Hey ! I am a new french artist (bonjour à vous ! ^^), I have the "deco pro" model but when I tested it on linux (few mount ago, a new one as been published now) the driver have only one good point... it's exist... it was very bad.
work pretty well on windows, so I used it on windows, I am pretty curious to see your test on the xp-pen driver !
the digimend driver too, even if my model it's not supported by it. ^^

PS in french : Votre travail et votre philosophie m'inspire énormément et j’espère me diriger sur la même voie à l'avenir ! (désolé si je suis trop formel avec le vouvoiement ^^)

link Micah Denn  

I'd also be very interested to see how well this works for sculpting and painting in blender on GNU/Linux

link David Revoy Author,

Good reminder. I'm not as fluent in Blender as I was on the Sintel days; but last animation of Pepper&Carrot (for book release) was done using Grease Pencil. So, I'm also interested to see the compatibility with Blender; I guess I'll not try to sculpt something; but I can test if I can deform a 3D potatoe and see if pressure and coordinate works well.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you very much for your kind words! 😊 Merci merci
Yes, I 'll try to see how it is now. If it is too woobly with the official driver; I'll try to follow the dev documentation of Digimend to add support (not sure I'll have the skill; but I already put a toe in it with the WH1409 Huion years ago).

link Andreas  

I switched from a XP-Pen Artist 13.3 to the Deco Pro for ergonomic reasons, but i was disappointed about the Deco Pro because i noticed delays in the brush strokes what disturbes me a lot. So i end up in a Gaomon M106K Pro, what its really a pity, because i like the Pen and the Tablet Design from the Deco much more. Did you have comparsions to other tablets? Maybe iam just unlucky about my device (?) ...

link Andreas  

Looking forward to your experience with this tablet. I never use a cintiq so iam always snoopy if the Artist Pro Series is in some way compareable. The price from xp-pen tablets are really attractive. What i just miss from the specs is that they have no VESA connection for a monitor arm (or at least a own product like the Wacom Flex Arm, but i would prefer VESA because the Wacom Flex Arm is just overpriced for his function).

link Châu  

Please strong critic no open source driver. If company open source driver, often people find bug and fix it and help work with more Linux distro, save time and money for every person. No reason hide driver code because company sell hardware.

link Johnny D. Wicked  

Your cat's expression explains how awesome the Xp-pen going to be. :D

I look forward to the video review. I've been thinking about upgrading my Cintiq 13HD especially on Linux OS, too.

link Grum999  


I'm really curious about your review results

I currently have a XP-Pen Artist 13.3v2
There's 2 things I'm curious about the model you'll test:
- How is parallax? not noticeable? highly noticeable? On my XP-Pen Artist 13.3v2, there's a huge parallax (from my point of view, it's about 1mm between nib on screen and screen display I think)
- How are the drivers :)

Currently, I don't use XP-Pen drivers.
I don't know if they've been improved, but last time I used them (when I bought the tablet 2 years ago) it was more a simple software with very few options you have to execute to be able to use tablet than a driver installed on system (close XP-PEN software windows was stopping the possibility to use tablet)

I had to manage a specific and a little bit complex Linux configuration to be able to use all tablet functions (you can find my explanation here if you're interested in:


link Ratorix  

I usually use the stroke latency of krita now so can't see it, but I have just tested it and I have no delay on my stroke (stroke latency off).
So, you probably have some issues on yours.
I dont have my Intuos one with so I can't test it with another tablet.

I started with an old bamboo fun by wacom (the white one) and after that an Intuos pro M, wacom too.

Compared to the last one (even if a lot of years separate it with the deco pro), I can say that the deco pro it really a good tablet.

I only can see three issue with it :

- no eraser on pen (wacom pen have it)

- too many type of tip, no standard so no special one (I use eraser-like one on my intuos)

- not the best driver, especially on linux

However it's not so bad and the driver become better with time.

link Jérémy  

Coucou David !
Joli cadeau que tu as eu d'XP Pen, wooow ! Je vais certainement regarder la vidéo dès que j'en ai la notification ! Par ailleurs, je voulais te remercier pour tout ce contenu inspirant que tu partages ! C'est grâce à toi que j'ai décidé de persévérer en dépit des moyens financiers limités que j'ai pour dessiner sur le plan digital !
Et j'ai aussi une question personnelle, pour une tablette à écran, j'ai eu un débat avec quelqu'un qui me disait que 8000 niveaux de pressions c'était obligatoire. Tu en penses quoi? Parce que je vois pas mal de tablettes à 2000 niveaux de pressions, et je trouve ça tout à fait correct pour ma part, donc je me disais que ça pourrait être suffisant? J'ai besoin de l'avis d'un expert xD
Bonne journée !

link David Revoy Author,

Bonjour Jérémy,
Merci pour les mots sympas. Par rapport au débat; je viens d'une époque ou les tablettes avaient 512 ou 1024 niveau de pressions. Et honnêtement, ça n'a jamais été un problème. On est vraiment face là à la cellule marketing qui c'est accroché à un chiffre dont il était possible d'incrémenter pour faire 'plus gros chiffre' = 'mieux'. Avoir plus de niveau de sensibilité, c'est toujours mieux; mais au final , pour le logiciel de dessin; c'est une fraction allant de 0 à 1 pour toutes les tablettes. Et beaucoups de logicielles vont arrondir après la virgule, ou appliquer une selection des évenement (filtering/trimming) ou bien du smoothing de coordonnées. Bref; je considère que toute tablette avec au minimum 1024 niveau de pression = OK. Le problème réelle; c'est combien de milligramme de pression sur la pointe enregistre le point 0. Et si 10 pressions de 0% à 100% sont répartis de manière linéaire; ou si on presse comme un bourrin et la pointe n'enregistre que 80% ; ou bien si en effleurant, la pointe n'enregistre que 0%.
Comme métrique intéressante pour les tablettes, il y aurait aussi la résolution de la matrice de coordonnée (jamais specifié) dans le cas de cette XP-Pen 24 Pro, c'est 32767 32767 unité. Un carré pour décrire un champs en 16:9; pas commun. Ma petite Intuos4Medium de voyage avec son A5 enregistre à elle seule 44704 27950, ma Cintiq 13HD 59152 33448 ... Plus de résolution! Ma Intuos4 XL: 97536 60960! On est clairement sur le double de résolution (c'est pour ça que j'aime sa sensibilité).
Voilà, je crois donc que la pression c'est un faux débat et que ceux qui ne jurent que par ça sont bien receptif au discours commercial et publicitaire... (j'imagine qu'il y a un effet placébo du 'ça dessine mieux'). J'éspère que c'était intéressant.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Grum999,
Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply,

"How is parallax?"
It is noticable, and classic. I would say a bit more than on Cintiq13HD, and less than on Cintiq21UX. Similar or a bit less than Cintiq22HD. Here I manage to always calibrate the cursor so it is not under the tip (I offset it on the bottom left of the tip to see it); so I'm rarely affected by a bad parralax.

"How are the drivers"
Hehe, I hope the video replied to this question :)

I feel bad because I read your thread only now (thanks! very informative) and I feel I reinvented the wheel. You'll see my solution is really near; but your udev script looks really better. I'll read in detail. Thanks for sharing!

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