Annuncement of a future XP-Pen review

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Sorry for weird expression of my cat; he was licking his fur and also curious about the box I put on the table...little photobomb expert!

Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet!

XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel. A good (sponsored) opportunity for me to finally test their product (their best product, this is their largest display-pen tablet). So expect to see this review video happening soon. The video review will be on my GNU/Linux system and using Krita. I'll also make a full artwork with it (to be sure I spent enough time on it before emiting an opinion) and I'll publish the video of the timelapse too.

I'm planning to test this model with all the care I usually put testing new hardware on my blog. You'll see detailed report about the driver, the sensitivity of the stylus, the overlay sheet surface, the resolution, the color calibration, the hot spot on the surface, etc...etc... (If you have specific ideas for tests, write them in the comments). I'm the first one interested to see if I can adopt it for my work on Pepper&Carrot: a quadHD (2560 X 1440 pixels) bundled into a 24inch tablet with 90% AdobeRGB colorspace... A good resolution and color space on the paper! and also a monitor with the size big enough to put my comic pages fully visible at print-size. Interesting specs.

I think I'll be able to give a honest feedback about it and turn this sponsoring into useful information for all the digital painter around. If I find bad thing, I'll tell it; if I find good things, I'll tell them too. That was part of the agreement I had with XP-Pen: to have full freedom on this review and that's why I accepted.

(from Wayne's World movie)

In the past, many tablet vendors proposed me reviews but I usually refused because no GNU/Linux driver or support. Not the case this time because XP-Pen does the effort to propose for download a proper list of GNU/Linux drivers for many distros:

Screenshot on their website of GNU/Linux drivers...

It's still not a Free/Libre and Open-Source driver but it's a very good step. I'll also certainly test the tablet with the free/libre Digimend driver.

I'm very curious and excited to try it!

Update: a couple days later, I posted my review of the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet here.

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