Derivation: Treasure Hunt by Filipe Vieira

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A couple of month ago, Filipe Vieira proposed a game for young kids based on Pepper&Carrot.

"Hi, my name is Filipe and I am a father and at this times of Covid-19 we need to be creative to make house games with our kids, my older son as 4 years old and he can't yet read, so I have "invented" a treasure hunt for him with pictures, also I add it the words so he can learn them." ~ Filipe Vieira (quote from first contact by email).

He then posted the rules, graphics and sources on our shared repository. A full game ready to play with even a box! I liked the simplicity of the game and how the base material was quick (and cheap) to DIY at home with a printer. If you have young kid(s); I hope you'll give it a try and this game will bring happy moments!

To download the pdf, read the full rules and interact with the author, go to:
"Pepper and Carrot treasure hunt game for kids" on Framagit

(PS: Filipe Vieira updates the first post on top with all the information; so you don't have to read all the thread).

License: "Derivation: Treasure Hunt by Filipe Vieira" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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