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For the release of Pepper&Carrot book three published by Glénat; I have this month five days of signing sessions! So, you can visit me and have a drawing on your Pepper&Carrot comic book (or buy one in-situ) at this events. Quick disclaimer: I do that for free and I have no royalties on books sold. I do it mostly to meet the Pepper&Carrot readers IRL.

★ Toulouse: Capitole du Libre 2019
16 November (saturday), 14h00 → 17h30.
Signing session managed by the bookstore Les Petits Ruisseaux in the main hall.
Location: Toulouse, ENSEEIHT. 
(note: I'm also a speaker at "Les pages libérées : table ronde autour du livre libre" with Marina Fernandez de Retana, Squeeek, Gee, Stéphane Crozat, Yann Kervran, Terhemis
 Les enjeux du libre; Samedi also: 17:30 => 18:30 in room A302)

More info:

★ Paris: A Livr'Ouvert bookstore
27 November (wednesday), 14h30 → 19h00.
Signing session in this wonderfull bookstore where two years ago I drew on books until 2am (old blog post about it ).
Location: 171b bd Voltaire, 75011 Paris.

Montreuil, Salon du Livre et de la presse Jeunesse
29 November (friday), 15h00 → 18h00
30 November (saturday), 10h00 → 12h30.
Signing session on the booth of the Glénat publisher on the largest book events in France. I'll also sign among a dozen of other comic book artists. A first for me! (I rejected all this type of events since the shitstorm in France when Glénat released Pepper&Carrot book one because of threat sent by frustrated comic authors).
More info:

Toulouse Game Show (TGS)
1 December (sunday), 14h00 → 19h00
Signing session on the booth of Touhoppai team.

I hope to meet a lot of you during this dates!

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link TheSFReader   - Reply

Heureux d'avoir pu te rencontrer Samedi et échanger quelques mots. merci pour les super dédicaces (dont un âne) ;p

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oooh! Mais c'était toi? J'avais pas capté le pseudo. Merci encore d'être venu; j'ai passé un très bon moment et ça m'a fait plaisir de voir une boite du jeu. Pour l'anecdote; au Toulouse Game Show hier, j'ai eu que 2 dédicaces dans toute l'après-midi malgrès un flot de personnes devant le stand. Parfait en fin de semaine pour redescendre sur terre; car après Alivreouvert et Montreuil; j'aurai presque commencé à prendre le melon :P Bonne semaine!

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