I had this badass Pepper on my sketchbook and I probably made 5 attempts at coloring it but I failed all the time: the wind, particles, many sources of light, clouds made this task harder than I could do. So, after putting a month on it and while I kept testing and experimenting with my new brushes, I decided to try again. The process was pretty linear, with logical step and I'm happy with the result! It means I'll adopt this technique for the next episode. I hope you'll like this unusual concept featuring a Pepper with a lot of power and Carrot struggling with an antigravity field. (Click on the picture for full 4K resolution.)

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link Pip   - Reply

This is lovely! Are you planning to do more paintings from that link with the sketches?

PS, I think you forgot to use the label #artworks

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh! I forgot the tag on the blog post. Thank you! I'll fix it.

For the sketches: I'll see. It's always useful to have them ready when I'm in the mood for color but not a lot for drawing new shapes.

link Anonymouse   - Reply

This is awesome!

link Lynerlok   - Reply

Very cool job !

link Vulphere   - Reply

The colour and the mood fit well!

link wortgewitzt   - Reply

Wow! Just wow! It's a little soothing to read that you had to redraw it and even super good artists struggle sometimes. Love from Leipzig, Germany

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