Pepper&Carrot signing session in Paris: gallery

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The young unicorn donkey of episode 20 had success, I drew him twice

The signing session in Paris will remain an unforgettable memory: I received many visitors and I drew non-stop from 4pm to 2am! Thanks to the many of you who came to this event and thanks also to everyone who waited a long time to get a drawing and share a little time to talk together. Also, thanks to Bookynette, the owner of the bookstore "A Livr'Ouvert" for her warm welcome and for keeping her shop open until late at night!

Here are some sample artworks captured by Bookynette during the session and reposted on her account on Mastodon:

Maybe my favorite drawing made this day: Pepper, Carrot on the back of a Dragon Cow.

A customized request: Carrot with a Raccoon suit.

Carrot with big wood panels and names on it

Carrot with his aviator glasses on a flying broom stick, as seen in episode 6.

Carrot learning magic.

Carrot's strategy to get more attention.

I was very happy to get a request to draw Thym, the oldest Chaosah witch.

No dogs on Pepper&Carrot? How do I draw them?

A happy Pepper and Carrot found a bug.

The most original request: all witches of the Magic contest drawn as spices;
Pepper, Spirulina, Coriander, Shichimi, and Camomille.

One of my favorite characters during the signing session: Shichimi. I remember I ended at 2:00am with a Shichimi in a happy zen pose.

Someone wanted Coriander and that made me happy: it's rare that I get a request to draw her.

Carrot in the books.

Pepper, dreaming of holidays

The young unicorn donkey, super happy :-)

That's all the samples I have on the probably 35 quick sketches I drew that day. If you have more, feel free to send me a quick photo of them on the comments or via social-network; I always have a lot of fun looking at them.