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My quest to self-publish Pepper&Carrot in English on a large high-quality book is way longer than I originaly estimated! But I'm happy to finally share here the final artwork for the book cover. I'll write a second production report about it as soon as I have a first book printed in my hands because I'm learning a lot on many levels. Meanwhile you can still read the first production report about it if you have no idea about what is this project.

Screenshot of Krita running with the book cover file, rulers and fonts:

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link Vinay   - Reply

Hey David,

loving that one! Even if you have a broom to fly on, you can still have fun crossing the river jumping sketchy stepping stones. There is a lesson to be learned from that one :).

link rui frank pinto oliveira   - Reply

in portuguese:

estou ansioso para telo em minhas mãos!

link Châu   - Reply

Beautiful! Maybe some animal/bird or flower in trees (for back cover)?

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