Electron Donor

Making of:

A Sci-fi illustration about a little girl distributing power battery to abandoned little robot.
I wanted to paint a mix of a lot of things I'm not used to paint ; a kind of a colorful Bladerunner universe with sweet design as in Miyasaki movie or Pixar ones. One of my personnal target was to keep large color area, and stylized shapes. I think this story and aesthetics could be developed for a short 3D movie, or an illustrated book. Maybe I will continue working on it on my "weekly painting" ( story / storyboarding / character model sheet /etc... ) . Having my own pre-production short dossier ready for eventual future could be a nice personal project. I hope you like the result High resolution 2385x3200px is available on deviantArt here (download button on right column)

Update 2016-07-25: This illustration is now licensed under CC-By 4.0.

License: "Electron Donor" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link John Garrett  

Hi David,
I have been following your blog lately and have become a devotee of MyPaint. It's great you are showing your illustrations in a step by step format. It's great to see your process.

link Erick  

SHOW !!! muito bom DAVID você é o máximo conseguiu me fazer sentir pena do robozinho. (Brasil)(pt-br)

link DeburgER  

that is very nice. love it

link Simon Leonard  

That's absolutely beautiful and more than a bit inspirational.
Thank you.

link Omar_Ramirez  

I have no words, I just love it!

link Mohammad Akram  

I love your style and all your paintings. Beautiful work.

link sandy  

Ben, ouais, j'aime aussi !!! La petite fille me rappelle étrangement une jeune polonaise que j'aime beaucoup, quelle chose étrange !!!

link chuck  

aww. homeless robots. kinda reverse matchstick girl.

link Jessy  

I think it's really cool you post your drawings on here. They look amazing :)

link Kieren  

The rain falls on the street of broken dreams
Toys with minds and lives of their own
Discarded while still functioning they huddle and hide
The electron hum of power they can not replace
The electron hum of Death

In this world of wonder and possibility
Wonder and possibility for them
A four foot angel in a yellow raincoat
Splashes her way up the ally

Her pockets are full of contraband
Donated by unknowing devils
She kneels in the rain and sees them

Acknowledges them

Loves them

And she gives them Life

link Ethan  

Anywhere I can get a print of this?

link freak  

it's very great, very coo, very emotional

link Deevad  

@All : Thanks a lot !

@Ethan : I didn't have a "poster/print" service yet. Did someone have a good one to advice me ? I tried 'Inprnt' but it seams I have to go throught complex validation process to submit an artwork.

@Kieren : Woao, that's a nice poem about it. Thanks to submit it , can I use it or illustrate it ?

link droptop  

Kieren, nice work. Beautiful imagery and story line poignantly enhancing this wonderful illustration. You've got a gift.
Go with it.


link Numarul7  

I wonder how much time did it take to no need to use construction lines ?
This looks more like Mypaint made and "post pro" in gimp :) , looks like a water colors painting.

BTW: Nice signature on the soda can. :) Good ideea for a short.

link Deevad  

@Droptop: I agree ;) I would start working on it if Kieren come back to give me the authorization.

@Numarul7 : I'm really fast with construction lines / speedpainting. It can be done in less than an hour, but I usually use Gimp for this step to have comfort to recrop and use blending mode. After , you are right about the 80% use of Mypaint in this one ;)

link Francis  

very nice picture! a great idea, I think!
keep it up!

link Énio Fernandes  

How about deviantart for posters?

Publishing a calendar on lulu.com would not be bad either!

link Deevad  

@Énio Fernandes : Hey thanks for the tips ;) I will study it too. ; You are right : I should propose the wildest choice of shops for posters and goodies. I will work on it soon.

link Matthew  

She's pretty basic, and those robots are acidic.

link REVOY David  

Thanks matthew for sharing your opinion. Don't hesitate to send me links here of not basic girls and cool robots, I always like to watch good stuff for various opinion.

link Kevin  

Makes me want to cry. Wonderful. Lovely.

link Wagner de Queiroz  

Estou sem palavras para descrever esta imagem. Parabéns (from Brazil)
I have no words to describe this image. Congratulations!

link prizm1  

Beautiful and with great future social commentary.

There is just one logical problem with this picture that was perhaps not thought through: How does a robot change its own battery without deactivating itself?

link asia  

It looks great!
I can't help but notice, however, that she seems to have some slight proportional issues.
She's a little girl, yet has the head (and makeup) and feet of a grown woman, not to mention her head and feet are much larger than you would expect compared to the rest of her body.
Following the lines of her legs to her feet, they don't seem to match up with where her hips and back would be, but this could be due to the coat being so short that the pocket is higher than her elbow and tricks the eye.

This is just my 2 cents, I'm no professional so you can disregard my observations, I'd just feel dishonest for not pointing these things out.

link Isak Magnuson  

I am SO writing a fanfiction of this. This is beautiful.

link Viktoria  

Wow, that is so beautiful. I love it. And the story behind it as well :)

link Anna  

This is really awesome. The colors are great!

link Mick Murillo  

I like the concept.

link HTMLG  

I love the reflections on the ground and the story it tells. Great job :)

link Amzad Hossin  

Just amazing !!

link NoodlesTE  

Great art, but the english needs work.

link David Revoy Author,

can you help? English is not my first language...

link James  

I see a concept here. An open movie project, perhaps? Time to get to work...with permission, of course.

That said, I need to get this on my wall!

link David Revoy Author,

Permission you have! It's CC-By artwork :)
The high-res is on deviantArt ( link in the article ) you can put the file on a USB stick and go to a local printer ( even sometime photocopy center have good A3 or A2 color printers ).
I hope the colors will be good. :-)

link James  

Always best to get the permission at all costs. Will keep you posted!

Will this print to A1?

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, you can print it on a giant gaz ballon :-) the only issue will be blur between the zoomed pixels ; A1 should look OK , because you need a distance of 1 or 2 meters to look at it. If you need to upscale ; GMIC has smart filter for that ; it doesn't recreate details ; but does a bit the same as the video filters does for improving resolution of pixel-art video-games . You can easily upscale by 200% without noticing a big difference and get a printer more than happy to get many pixels feeding the printer. :)

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