NDE Tunnel

Talking about NDE, or Near Death Experience is still something taboo in our society. Surely because it's related to the death. But all the descriptions and articles about could only stimulated my imagination. That's why I decided to depict a first vision of it after gathering a lot of documentation. This subject passionate me.

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For curious : Wikipedia link to the NDE page 

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David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link SephirothTBM   - Reply

Amazing work, like always, very inspirationg

link Colin   - Reply

Very cool concept and atmosphere! Impressed by the texture and light on the houses, how much of that was 3D?

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

This is so awesome! Brilliant job mate- I have the same question as Colin does though.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thanks for the comments,

@Colin ;) and Milad Thaha : Thanks, I edited the post to show more about my 3D to 2D production secret. With this edit, you can see 2 more important step: the 3D rendering and a painting step before a kind of 'compositing'.

link sandy   - Reply

Ce thème me passionnant aussi, j'ai un problème avec ton dessin. Il est très beau, pas de soucis sur ça mais il ne me parle pas ! Sa banalité me dérange... De plus, je suis très curieuse et impatiente de voir d'autres dessins sur ce thème.

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

Wow David, very nice of you to show what goes behind :D Lovely!

link Glauco Schaffer   - Reply

I had an nde when I was 8 years old. Can I post this painting on my site?
It's beautiful!!

Glauco Schaffer

link Deevad Author, - Reply

@all : Thanks !

@Glauco Shaffer : Of course you can if it's for a non commercial use. I'm happy you like it.

link jay   - Reply

This is what I saw uncanny, no houses just the tunnel but identical.I died for 20 mins 3 months ago and thesis what I saw but felt like I was in water. Thanks for making this.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@jay : Hi Jay, thank you for sharing your experience. Do not hesitate to email me more description if you want to share more visuals details. I would be happy to do a better piece about it on free time. On my side, I never experienced NDE, but I'm a sort of beginner 'medium' ; so I already saw many thing but I have difficulties to assume it...

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