NDE Tunnel

Talking about NDE, or Near Death Experience is something difficult. Surely because it's related to the death, religion or personal believes. I'm personnaly sticking to science but I like all the fantasy imagery developped by this esoteric litterature. All the descriptions and articles I could read about stimulated my imagination. That's why I decided to depict a first vision of it after gathering a lot of documentation.

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link SephirothTBM   - Reply

Amazing work, like always, very inspirationg

link Colin   - Reply

Very cool concept and atmosphere! Impressed by the texture and light on the houses, how much of that was 3D?

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

This is so awesome! Brilliant job mate- I have the same question as Colin does though.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thanks for the comments,

@Colin ;) and Milad Thaha : Thanks, I edited the post to show more about my 3D to 2D production secret. With this edit, you can see 2 more important step: the 3D rendering and a painting step before a kind of 'compositing'.

link sandy   - Reply

Ce thème me passionnant aussi, j'ai un problème avec ton dessin. Il est très beau, pas de soucis sur ça mais il ne me parle pas ! Sa banalité me dérange... De plus, je suis très curieuse et impatiente de voir d'autres dessins sur ce thème.

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

Wow David, very nice of you to show what goes behind :D Lovely!

link Glauco Schaffer   - Reply

I had an nde when I was 8 years old. Can I post this painting on my site?
It's beautiful!!

Glauco Schaffer

link Deevad Author, - Reply

@all : Thanks !

@Glauco Shaffer : Of course you can if it's for a non commercial use. I'm happy you like it.

link jay   - Reply

This is what I saw uncanny, no houses just the tunnel but identical.I died for 20 mins 3 months ago and thesis what I saw but felt like I was in water. Thanks for making this.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@jay : Hi Jay, thank you for sharing your experience. Do not hesitate to email me more description if you want to share more visuals details. I would be happy to do a better piece about it on free time. On my side, I never experienced NDE, but I'm a sort of beginner 'medium' ; so I already saw many thing but I have difficulties to assume it...

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