Electron Donor

Making of:

A Sci-fi illustration about a little girl distributing power battery to abandoned little robot.
I wanted to paint a mix of a lot of things I'm not used to paint ; a kind of a colorful Bladerunner universe with sweet design as in Miyasaki movie or Pixar ones. One of my personnal target was to keep large color area, and stylized shapes. I think this story and aesthetics could be developed for a short 3D movie, or an illustrated book. Maybe I will continue working on it on my "weekly painting" ( story / storyboarding / character model sheet /etc... ) . Having my own pre-production short dossier ready for eventual future could be a nice personal project. I hope you like the result High resolution 2385x3200px is available on deviantArt here (download button on right column)

Update 2016-07-25: This illustration is now licensed under CC-By 4.0.

License: "Electron Donor" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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