Mosquitoes hunter

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I wanted in this illustration to paint a good book cover about faeries. I collected design ideas from my sketchbook and targeted to paint it for my portfolio. I feel far from the result I had in mind this time, but I got good surprise at the same time. Sometimes I have to accept the illustration has 'her' own life in the creative process. I tried to keep the painting brush strokes visible ( not to smoothed ) and keep a high level of details, but I'm still doing test to find the good harmony between:

  • Time spent on illustration
  • Dynamism of the painting, presence of the 'human hand'
  • Level of details and finishing

About the theme - here on my holidays in Poland- the garden is surrounded by mosquitoes and they really 'bloody' love my wife and me. I thought I would have my revenge with painting a good mosquitoes hunter. If only I could have fairies like this, the garden would be here a real paradise. Full of blood females mosquitoes are surely full of protein.

software : Gimp and details in Mypaint

2022 Update: Updated resolution, color grading and painted-over the design because I couldn't like the piece anymore. Previous version is still visible here.

License: "Mosquitoes hunter" by David Revoy − CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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