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We are already past two weeks into the new year, and I wanted to start it with optimizing my new brushes, clean the thumbnails and remove the double. I collected this way this pack of 38 brushes. I'm sharing them today.

You might find that some of these brushes are similar to official default brush of Krita: their aspect, their usability and their thumbnail design. That's because I designed the default brush of Krita and even if my taste evolves a bit, my classic and way to solve problems remains the same.

The goal of this list was for me to reduce the selection of the brush to a more compact set. I selected the one I daily use to fit into two columns on my quadHD monitor. I also wanted to them to be organised by group of colors to pick them faster and take better decisions while painting. I have now a group dedicated to "details", a group specialized into "glazing", "texturing", etc...

This pack is tied to my "visual vocabulary". I'm curious if there are "words" in it that will become part of your. I'm sharing them this time under CC-0/Public Domain license. It means you can do what you want with them: commercial, tutorial, teach, etc... do exactly as if they were part of the default brush. They were named to also blend within the default.

You might also find a different pressure curve in all these presets: and that's probably to adapt to both the Intuos Pro Large and the XP-Pen Artist Pro 24 I'm using. They both have very different pressure curve in comparison to the devices I owned so far.


Coming soon 🙂, I'll update this page once I publish a video. You can:



I can keep this resources free, open and without any paywall thanks to the 1% who support my work and who offer this possibility to the other 99%. If you want to be one of them, thank you! You'll find the links to support my work here, I have account on Patreon, Tipeee, Liberapay and more options are listed). Thank you 💜

Here is a direct link:

Checksum (Sha256): 93f50eaf1013e02c6cfac6b6913e4455ccc5fb18b2f757b76409fa6b634f046c


  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the file from the zip, it should be named "deevad-bundle_23-01.bundle".
  3. Open a fresh new Krita (5.1.5 or newer) and don't open or create any document [1].
  4. Open directly: Setting > Manage Resources
  5. Press the Import Resources button, and with dialog (file explorer) find the file you extracted earlier on your disk.
  6. Done; you'll find the brush in the tag deevad 23.01 [2].

Note [1]: Probably a bug. Do not create a new document before importing, or the tag will fail and only three brushes will be tagged.

Note [2]: The brush bundle comes also with all brushes named with the keyword "deevad" and "23" in them, so if the import of the tag fails, you can use that to filter them by name and re-tag them. I tested the bundle on Krita 5.1.5 on Fedora Linux KDE 37. I hope they'll install easily on your side.


  • These brushes are licensed under CC-0 Public domain. You are free to do commercial work with them, to reshare them, to fork them, to reuse them, to include them in your software.
  • The pictures and artworks for the demonstration in this article, under CC-By to David Revoy.

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License: CC BY

David Revoy, with additional custom rules
mentioned at the end of the article, .
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

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link Bruce Duncan   - Reply

Much thanks, David! I haven't used Krita as yet, but looking at your fine work makes me WANT to.

link ~peron   - Reply

Excellent Work David, I'm using your brush kits since several years now. Krita is an astounding software. Thanks for your efforts!

link AlvesR   - Reply

Genial, cómo los instalo en tablet? y en la pc?

link Oel044   - Reply

The girl in the third draw (Rain City) is Pepper? The chest looks to small (breast and ribcage) and arms are cilinders. And in misc__2022-06-02_signing-sessions-France-2022_by-David-Revoy Pepper looks pregnant and weird if you compare the body below the basket and up.

link 4k51   - Reply

Greetings and hello. Thank you for your hard work and your set of brushes. You've inspired me to pick up drawing and I'm looking forward to be learning from you in the future. Once more thank you and good luck.

link DABurghardt   - Reply

super strong, great...I'm looking forward to the video


link Harc   - Reply

Thank you so much for sharing your brushes. They're beautiful! I've been having a hard time transitioning from SAI to Krita, but thanks to you and all the generous Krita users community, I'm able to use the tool so much better than any previous art program I've tried. Thank you so much.

link Dale Ziemianski   - Reply

UR Awesome

link J2day   - Reply

Just wanted to say thanks! Really appreciate the simplified set and the tagging. Going to be my go to set !

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