Derivation: Motion Comic Ep.3 and Ep.4 by Morevna

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Here are two new animation from the Morevna studio. The movie was published last week and I immediately reshared it on all my social medias. But now I can take the time to write a blog-post about it, so it joins my collection of derivations.

So, at first, movie time!

Episode 3

Other languages:

Episode 4

About the studio

The studio works in full autonomy and I thanks them a lot for that: I wouldn't find the time even if I wish to help an animated project.

I also want to send here another big "thank you" for the director(s), animators, and actors and all the staff who worked on this project. Also, a big thanks to those who support the Morevna studio because here also, the studio is fully independent.

They really preserved the humor and tone of the comic and I obviously like how they use only Free/Libre and Open-Source software to make the movie and they release also the result under an open license. I couldn't dream better about seeing one day this episode published in that shape when I started writing these episodes (something like ~8 years ago?...oh wow, time flies).

Oh, and big 💜 on Saffron's voice and acting.

Making of and Studio tour:

But another cool aspect of the Morevna project are the making of they share: the team makes very nice video documentaries about their process. Here is under a 3min50s that I really like, showing the interactions at their studio.

I'm amazed when I see all the work they have do to clean-up and split all my comic pages. Especially knowing I keep changing of workflow (art on my Krita files sometime are single layer because I sometime work 'flat') and it must be a lot of work to convert all the panels to 16:9 ratio, reconstruct backgrounds or sometime redraw the panels and characters totally. Bravo for that to all the team working on it!

You'll also find on the Morevna blog and video channels more in depth videos about their free/libre and open-source software workflow, including even links to full courses (check 'Education' category on top of their blog).

You'll find on their website the episode 6 "The Potion Contest" already done the same way and Episode 5 "Holiday Special" too.

Bravo Morevna project! 👍


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link Maria Schneider  

Ha! Hilarious! Love it!

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