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Hey, slowly but surely I'm continuing my experimentations. I filled many pages on my brainstorming (a libreoffice draw multipage ODG file) and I'm starting to get a better picture of where I'm going. I still need a little bit of time to train certain missing skills, or skills I'm unsure I can get.

In fact, it's easy to write something like "leave more brush stroke at a early step" in a brainstorming, but harder to have a workflow that leave interesting looking early brush stroke. It's all about that type of exploration.

I'm very near the completion of my research. I even already have a new full storyboard for Pepper&Carrot episode 38 that includes all the changes I want to perform. So, on this last set of test, I try to enjoy the trip, and I used my favorite test temporary metaphor characters to storytell that.

About my painting process, I'm not splitting the color flat and shading anymore, I try to paint the result directly and calculate all the shading on the fly. I learnt while having the previous workflow a valuable lesson about how I wasn't setting enough room in the difference of the value between keylight and shadow.

I also try to draw quicker pencil sketch without rendering the volumes. It's a bit frustrating, but I still trash the pencil layer early in the process to keep only painted shapes so better to not spend too much time on it. It's only an assistant to paint faster the first set of area of painting and get the composition and the main proportion mostly right.

I'll continue tests into this direction. Thanks for reading!

video of the process, thanks the Recorder feature of Krita (9MB, mp4, 1min27)

Picture of the process:

I had the idea of this artwork on my sketchbook, I quickly redrew it on a 4K page.

I'm feeding the canvas with large brushes, my goal being to capture a general mood and the direction of the light.

Then I try with a medium brush to 'block' all the sub-volumes.

The last pass (more than 50% of the full time) is spent on justifying details, and edge control.

License: "Enjoying the Trip" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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