My Neighbor Mastodon

An obvious parody to celebrate 15K followers on Mastodon (it grows quickly because a lot of Twitter users joins it recently). It's a social network I love because it is made of Free/Libre software, a decentralized network, and open standards for the protocol.

My account is here:

I'll always keep posting my art here too, in high resolution. Maybe RSS is my biggest social-media too in a way. It's just amazing how calming it can be for me as an artist to know that my biggest social-media audience is on the a free/libre social media right now. It will for sure weight in my brainstorming; I don't feel the need to please any ranking algorythm. My article of this year "How proprietary social-medias are shaping the future of Pepper&Carrot" feels already far away and that's a good thing.

This artwork reflects that.

Update: I switch this artwork under 'fan-art/fair-use' because even if I painted it from scratch, the artwork contains many element of derivation that belong to Ghibli studio. I read recently a blog-post about fair-use and transformative derivation of copyrighted material, and I prefer protect myself about it.

License: "My Neighbor Mastodon" by David Revoy − Published under fair-use. This artwork contains references to copyrighted elements.
Tags:  #news  #speedpainting  #fair-use  #fan-art | Download: Markdown