In the midst of experimentation

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Hi everyone, right now it's a special time: I need to experiment and it's more like a wind that is blowing quite strongly in me. You have probably already noticed it by the latest content I shared on blog or on social medias. So I'm telling you: I'm very likely to scatter myself, multiply various attempts, and test even more things soon.

So I have no idea when the next episode 38 of Pepper&Carrot will be released, or rather let's say "in what form". I have already written several screenplays and storyboards but now too much time passes between writing the screenplay and putting them online in the form of comics and I have a very bad time with this long delay. It feels like posting feelings and emotions that I had a few months back. As a result, I often get tired of my story before I even publish them and need to rewrite them because I no longer find in it a means of expression.

I currently need two months for only seven pages of comics. Why is it so long?... It's because I have to take into account all the specificities of the project: my rather slow painting style first, then the cycle of collaborative corrections, and then finally all the technical requirements for the translation system. All that takes a lot of time, it's even so intensive that I often need several weeks to recover from it because it always ends in sleepless nights. Also, it bothers me to disappear from the networks during these long months of production, it only adds distance and oblivion for the characters and the story. And all this to only publish two or three stories a year, which frustrates and depresses me. All this machinery doesn't bring me closer to my story, my art and readers: it distances me from them.

So that's why it boils inside me all the time. I would like to reform my way of publishing my stories because this mode of production clearly puts me in an impasse. I have the intuition that there is a new angle but also that I will have to experiment. However, one thing is certain in this whole story: I intend to share this exploration with you.

License: "In the midst of experimentation" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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